Charles King

Fission Auto was founded by Charles King with a vision to help other automotive enthusiasts. This website is currently run by Charles King and the passionate team he has built.

We at Fission auto dedicate ourselves to help consumers find the right parts and accessories for their cars, Jeeps and trucks.

Our in-depth research picks out the best products available on the marketplace, and we illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of those products to potential customers. We ourselves are passionate about the automotive industry as a whole and want to educate our audiences through proper guidance, purchasing process, maintenance, and usage procedures.

Moreover, we understand there are floods of options out in the market, which makes it pretty tough for consumers to choose from. On top of that, there are some new options available every day, making the purchase decision even more challenging.

About Fisssion Auto

Here, we regularly update our website with the latest up-to-date reviews and guides. We spend hundreds of hours to make these possible. We try to stay as accurate & unbiased as possible. So, follow our reviews and guidelines to make the perfect purchase decision for your car.