How Many Kayaks Can You Put on a Roof Rack

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Last Updated on December 12, 2022

There’s no definitive answer to how many kayaks you can put on a roof rack. It depends on the size and weight of your kayaks, as well as the size and weight capacity of your roof rack. That said, most roof racks can accommodate two or three kayaks.

If you’re planning on carrying more than three kayaks, you’ll need to use an additional support system, such as a trailer or cargo carrier.

Assuming you have a standard roof rack, you can fit about 4 kayaks on top. Any more than that and it becomes difficult to secure the kayaks properly. You also need to consider the weight of the kayaks when loading them onto the roof rack.

Too much weight can cause damage to your car or make it difficult to drive.

Roof Rack for Tandem Kayak

If you’re an avid kayaker, then you know that transporting two kayaks can be a bit of a challenge. The best way to transport two kayaks is with a roof rack for tandem kayak. A roof rack for tandem kayak will allow you to securely transport both kayaks on your vehicle’s roof.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a roof rack for tandem kayak. First, you need to make sure that the roof rack is compatible with your vehicle’s roof. Second, you need to decide which type of roof rack you want.

There are three main types of racks: J-style racks, saddle racks, and stacker racks. J-style racks are the most popular type of rack for carrying tandem kayaks. They offer easy loading and unloading, and they keep the kayaks secure while in transit.

Saddle racks are another option for carrying tandem kayaks. These racks attach to the side rails of your vehicle and provide good stability during transit. Stackers are the third type of rack and are ideal for vehicles with limited space on their roofs.

Stackers carry thekayaks one on top of the other and can be stacked as high as necessary to accommodate your particular vehicle. No matter which type of rack you choose, make sure it is able to properly support the weight of two tandem kayaks. Also, be sure to follow all instructions when installing the rack onto your vehicle’s roof.

With a little bit of care and preparation, your new roof rack will help you enjoy many safe and fun paddling adventures with your friends or family!

Thule Kayak Rack

If you’re an avid kayaker, you know the importance of having a good kayak rack. After all, you need a way to transport your kayak from one body of water to another. And while there are a variety of kayak racks on the market, we think the Thule Kayak Rack is the best of the bunch.

Here’s why: The Thule Kayak Rack is made from durable aluminum, so it’s built to last. It also features two cradles that securely hold your kayak in place, and rubber padding protects your hull from scratches.

The rack also includes straps and tie-downs for added security. Perhaps best of all, the Thule Kayak Rack is easy to install and use. In fact, it can be installed in just minutes with no tools required.

And when you’re ready to hit the water, simply load up your kayak and go! So if you’re in the market for a new kayak rack, we highly recommend the Thule Kayak Rack. It’s tough, secure, and easy to use – everything you could want in a rack.

Thule Stacker

The Thule Stacker is a great way to transport your kayaks. It holds up to four kayaks securely and can be easily mounted on the roof of your vehicle. The Stacker has soft, padded saddles that protect your kayaks from scratches and abrasions, and it comes with all the necessary hardware for installation.

This system is very easy to use, and it keeps your kayaks organized and ready for action. If you’re looking for a safe and convenient way to transport your kayaks, the Thule Stacker is the perfect solution.

Thule Stacker 3 Kayaks

If you’re looking for an easy way to transport multiple kayaks, the Thule Stacker 3 is a great option. This system includes two J-style carriers and one set of hull-a-ports, which mount to your roof rack. The J-style carriers hold the kayaks in place by their hulls, while the hull-a-ports provide additional stability and protection for the kayaks’ delicate sterns.

The Stacker 3 can accommodate up to three kayaks, making it perfect for families or groups who want to hit the water together. And because it mounts directly to your roof rack, there’s no need for a trailer or extra vehicle. Simply load up your kayaks and away you go!

Double Kayak Rack for Car Without Rails

If you have a car without roof rails, you can still transport your kayak with the help of a double kayak rack. These racks are designed to attach to your car’s trunk, hatchback, or SUV and provide a secure way to transport your kayak. Double kayak racks typically come with all the necessary hardware and instructions for installation.

How Many Kayaks Fit on Roof Rack?

Assuming you have a roof rack already installed on your vehicle, the number of kayaks that will fit depends on the size and style of the kayaks and how they are arranged on the rack. Most roof racks have crossbars that provide support for attaching various carriers and accessories, so the spacing between these bars will also be a factor. If you’re using J-style or stacker-style carriers, which are common for carrying kayaks on a roof rack, one or two kayaks can usually fit comfortably.

If you have wider or longer kayaks, or if you want to carry more than two at a time, then you may need to use additional carrier attachments to secure them safely. In general, it’s best not to exceed the weight capacity of your roof rack system when loading up with kayaks (or anything else), so be sure to check your specific car model’s specifications before heading out. In short, there is no definitive answer to how many kayaks will fit on a given roof rack system – it will vary depending on the size and style of the kayaks and how they are arranged.

But with careful planning and an understanding of your vehicle’s capabilities, you should be able to get all (or most) of your paddling gear where you need it without any problems.

Can You Put 3 Kayaks on a Roof Rack?

If you have a roof rack, you can absolutely strap three kayaks to it. You’ll need to use straps and likely some sort of padding in order to protect the kayaks and your car, but it’s definitely doable. Make sure that the kayaks are evenly distributed on the rack so that they don’t tip over or slide off while you’re driving.

Can You Get 4 Kayaks on a Roof Rack?

If you have a roof rack, you can absolutely transport four kayaks at once. There are a few different ways to do this, depending on the type of roof rack you have and the size of your kayaks. One option is to use two sets of J-style or Malone Downloader racks.

With this method, you would attach one set of racks to each side of your roof rack, and then load a kayak onto each set of racks. This is a great option if your kayaks are on the smaller side, as it will keep them more secure during transport. If you have larger kayaks, or if you want to be able to load and unload them by yourself, you can opt for a set of rolling Kayak Cradles.

These allow you to roll your kayaks up onto your roof rack, and then secure them in place with straps. You can also findKayak Stackers which are similar to the cradles, but they don’t have wheels so they may be slightly more difficult to load by yourself. Either way, both options will securely hold four kayaks on your roof rack.

How Do You Put 4 Kayaks on Top of a Car?

Assuming you have 4 kayaks and a car with a roof rack, here are the steps you need to take to load them onto your vehicle: 1. Position the first kayak at the front of the car, aligned with the front edge of the roof rack. 2. Lift the kayak onto the roof rack, using either your hands or a set of straps designed for lifting kayaks.

3. Secure the kayak in place on the roof rack, using either bungee cords or rope. 4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each additional kayak.

How To Load Multiple Kayaks on your Roof Rack Safely with Straps and Pads – 3 – 12 Foot Kayaks


Most roof racks can accommodate two or three kayaks. You can usually fit one more kayak on top of your car if you have a tall vehicle, such as an SUV. If you’re carrying multiple kayaks, it’s important to distribute the weight evenly across the rack and secure the kayaks properly so they don’t slide around while you’re driving.

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