How to Put Snowboard on Roof Rack

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Last Updated on May 21, 2022

Winter is always enjoyable because you can use your snowboard at that time. There is no need to tell you how exciting it is to snowboard with your friends. It also helps to refresh your mind.

The problem is how you can carry your snowboard to your snowboarding destination. The simple answer is to put the snowboard on the roof rack of your vehicle. 

Now, do you know how to put it on the roof rack? No need to worry at all. I am here to help you out.

In this guide, I will tell you how you can put your snowboard on your roof rack. So, let’s get started without making any delay.

Before you move to put the snowboard on the roof rack, I want to clarify a question that often comes to people’s minds. The question is can you tie your snowboard directly to the roof of your vehicle? Let’s get to know it first.

Is It Possible to Tie the Snowboard Directly to the Roof of Your Vehicle?

It is highly recommended not to tie the snowboard on the roof using a strap or rope, especially when you are planning to travel a long distance. Tying your snowboard too tightly can cause damage. Without it, if the snowboard comes loose while moving, then it can be a threat to your vehicle and the passer-by.

If you have a limited budget, then you can opt for a budget-friendly roof rack. There are plenty of racks in the market that will provide decent service by spending a minimal amount of money.

How to Put Snowboard on Roof Rack

How to Strap Snowboard to Roof Rack

Step 1: Choosing a roof rack

Well, if you already have a roof rack installed on your vehicle, you don’t need to go through this step. You can move on to the next step.

However, if you don’t have any roof rack installed on your vehicle, you need to get one. Many people suggest bringing a cargo box. But this is not the optimal solution. Because the cargo box is expensive and also occupies a lot of space. They provide a bit more protection though.

While choosing a roof rack, you need to keep in mind that your rack needs to be strong enough. As it will remain installed in an open space, there will be sun and rain. So, make sure that your roof rack is durable and has enough protection to withstand the harsh environment. 

Step 2: Securing your snowboard

Once you have a roof rack installed on your vehicle, you can start the securing process.

You need to start with loading the snowboard. The task is quite easy. Just place your snowboard on the carrier. While placing your snowboard, make sure that the tail end is facing forward so that the wind can’t cause any problem while moving your vehicle. 

In case you are planning to carry more than a snowboard at a time, then place them at least 1-inch apart across the roof rack. Then secure the snowboard using a strap or rope. You have to use the side rails of the cross-bar of your vehicle to tie the snowboard. You can use an additional strap or rope if you need it.

Always keep in mind that your snowboard needs to be stable so that it does not make any movement while driving your vehicle. Also, make sure that you are not tying them too tightly. It can damage your snowboard. That’s it. You are now ready to make a start.

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