How to Tie Box Spring to Roof Rack

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Last Updated on May 21, 2022

It happens very often that you want to migrate from one place to another place. At that time, you will want to take your expensive box spring and mattress with you. This is the problem. If you want to take help from the transportation services, you will have to spend a lot of money.

How about transporting it by yourself? Before that, you need to know how to tie the box springs to the roof rack.

Well, in this article, I will tell you the detailed process of how you can tie the box spring to the roof rack on your vehicle.

How to Tie Box Spring to Roof Rack

Step 1: Packing your Mattress and Box Spring

You should start with packing your mattress and box spring. It is an important part of your process. The packaging needs to be proper. Because appropriate preparation and packaging will make a difference while moving, especially when you have a big thing to move like a box spring and mattress. 

In order to protect your box spring and mattress, you should bring a plastic protection sheet. It will protect them from tears or scuffs. You may think this is a hassle for you as you will have to spend extra money on the sheet. This is important for the safety of your mattress. 

In case the weather is not friendly and it starts raining suddenly, your box spring and mattress won’t remain protected without the sheet.

Step 2: Have the Vehicle Ready

Whenever you plan to carry something heavy in your vehicle, it is never a good idea to use your compact car for this purpose. This type of vehicle is not ideal for heavy lifting. It is recommended to use a mid-large SUV or pickup truck for this kind of purpose. 

However, if you ask about the best solution between the mid-large SUV and pickup truck, then I will say to opt for the pickup. Because your box spring and mattress will sit securely in its bed.

In case you are going to travel a long distance, then renting a box truck is highly recommended. It can be expensive though. After all, your stuff’s safety is important and you shouldn’t compromise with it.

Step 3: Tying Both the Box Spring and Mattress to the Roof

Well, before you tie the box spring and mattress over the roof, you should check whether it is allowed to transport a box spring and mattress in that area. In some states or cities, transporting something this big over your vehicle’s roof is illegal.

After that, it is time to bring the essentials. You need to bring nylon rope, ratchet straps, or bungee cords. Make sure that the rope is long enough so that you can secure your mattress and box spring across the middle and you also can tie it properly.

Then, keep the mattress and box spring on the roof rack properly. Before you secure them on the rack, try to reduce the movement. so that the wiggle amount of them remains minimum while the movement of your vehicle.

Now, you need to secure them. You should start from the front side of your vehicle. Roll down the windows. Wrap the rope/straps/cords over the middle of your mattress and box spring and make sure that they are secured.

You need to repeat this process at the rear side of your vehicle also in order to anchor the box spring and mattress on the roof rack completely. You can use additional rope or cords to prevent the sliding of your mattress and box spring.

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