Benefits of Tonneau Cover

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Last Updated on May 6, 2022

Thinking about using a tonneau cover? If you have a truck that you drive often and carry goods, you should use one. A Tonneau cover can be the most useful accessory on your truck.

Many people think that tonneau covers are only for security and weather protection. But there are more benefits of a tonneau cover than just the security or the weather protection. That is why we have prepared this article for you to know the top 5 benefits of tonneau cover.

Benefits of Tonneau Cover


Security is one of the main reasons to buy a tonneau cover. Tonneau covers help you to cover the truck bed along with all the goods you are carrying in it. So, all your goods are safe inside the tonneau cover from thieves. Any tonneau cover you choose will have a locking method and without you unlocking the tonneau cover, nobody will be able to go through your stuff.If you need the best security, you should buy a hard tonneau cover like the BAKFlip MX4. Hard-type covers are usually the best ones for security. As those covers have a hard top, it is quite impossible to damage and go through.

Protection from damage

Ever found your belongings or the truck bed itself covered in dust after a ride? There is a good possibility that the answer is yes. It is one of the downsides of an open truck bed. If you had a tonneau cover that wouldn’t happen. It protects your cargo and also the bed from pretty much anything. So, whether you are driving in bad weather or on a dusty road, a tonneau cover will protect your cargo and the truck bed from dust, water, snow, and even UV.

In the case of weather protection, you should choose a tonneau cover that has excellent weather sealing. It is hard to say that you can find a 100% weatherproof or waterproof tonneau cover. But we can help you to find the most waterproof tonneau cover on the market.

Fuel efficiency

This is the most ignored benefit of a tonneau cover. Tonneau cover improves the aerodynamics of your truck. Improved aerodynamics means less wind drag and that gives you better mileage. You’ll notice that better if you do a lot of high-mileage driving on the highway.

Almost all the tonneau covers improve the aerodynamics of your truck. Depending on the tonneau cover you choose, you’ll get an improved mileage of 5-10%. The Tyger T3 tonneau cover can improve your gas mileage by up to 13%.

Better aesthetics

Many people choose to use a tonneau cover only for better aesthetics. You can find many tonneau covers with different designs and color options for any truck you own. A good-looking tonneau cover will help you create a nice look and that won’t ruin the OEM look as well. If you have an old or bad-looking truck bed, adding a tonneau cover will be the nicest inclusion in your truck.

After a long time of use, the color of your tonneau cover can wear off. If you want to keep a nice and smooth look, we suggest you take care of the tonneau cover. The best idea will be to use a tonneau cover protectant. Some protectants can even give a nice matte finish over the old tonneau cover.

If you are looking for a good tonneau cover protectant, take a look at our review of the tonneau cover protectant.

Added features

Tonneau covers don’t only provide security and protection with better aesthetics. A tonneau cover can add extra functionality as well. Like, you can carry a tall freight by exposing only one part of your truck bed while keeping safe any other freight on the covered part with a foldable tonneau cover.

Another example can be given with a hard tonneau cover like the BAKFlip Revolver X2. This bed cover (along with many other hard-type covers) is capable of carrying a good amount of weight over it. You can carry a kayak or bike over it while using the entire cargo space for other stuff.

You can find many tonneau covers for your truck which will give you different kinds of extra functionality.


These are the top 5 benefits of tonneau cover. If you think about it, a tonneau cover is a useful accessory you can add to your truck. When you are choosing a tonneau cover, ensure the basics first. A good tonneau cover should have a good build quality along with good security and weather protection. Then you should look for the extra features it offers. The more featureful a tonneau cover is the more useful it’ll be.

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