Best Tonneau Cover For Dirt Bikes Review 2022

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Do you find it hard to carry your dirt bike with your existing tonneau cover? Well, not all tonneau covers are suitable for carrying dirt bikes. But, you don’t need to worry about that. We got you covered. We have made a list of the best tonneau cover for dirt bikes for you.

Dirt bikes aren’t small in size. Typically, a dirt bike will require pretty much the entire truck bed to haul it. Some soft tonneau covers don’t have a sturdy frame. So, there is a possibility to break that frame when you are loading the dirt bike. There are many more things to consider.

Before starting with the product list, let’s talk about the necessary features you’ll need in your tonneau cover.

  • The first and the most important is bed access. You must choose a tonneau cover that will give you 100% access to your truck bed. Otherwise, your dirt bike will not fit inside.
  • Another important thing is durability. It’s not only important for this scenario, it’s important for any tonneau cover. You should always choose a durable tonneau cover.
  • Good material and build are also important. Again, it’s important for any type of tonneau cover. If the cover isn’t well-built with good materials, skip it.
  • Easier installation is better. You won’t need any professional’s help with that.
  • It must offer good security. A dirt bike isn’t the only thing you’ll carry in your truck. There will be other things. When you’ll go on a ride with your bike, those things should be safe. Although you can keep things inside the cab. But, that can be a painful thing in some cases. So, choosing a tonneau cover with good security is a better idea.
  • Good weather protection is important. Rain, dust, snow, etc. can damage many of your freights if not the truck bed itself. Usually, weather protection is the main reason to buy a tonneau cover.

These aren’t the only features to look for. If you have any preference, you should look for that as well. And, the look and color preference is always your personal choice.

All the tonneau covers we have selected for you are widely available for pretty much any truck model. We will briefly describe those products for you in this next part. Please read the full review to understand those products better.

Top 3 Best Tonneau Cover for Dirt Bikes Review

In this part of our article, we will mention all the suggested tonneau covers with a brief review of the product. You should read the full review to understand what features does the product offer. We will also include the pros and cons of each product. Once you read the review, you’ll be sure which one will be the best suited for you.

Just bear in mind that, these tonneau covers for dirt bikes are selected from many others. There are more options available in the market. We just didn’t include them as they aren’t as good as these are. We’ve considered all the necessary features and selected these for you.

1. Truxedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Cover

Type: Soft Roll Up
Exterior: Black Vinyl
Material: Vinyl

We’ve selected this soft roll-up tonneau cover from Truxedo. This brand makes various types of truck bed covers. The company is popular for its minimal and low-profile design.

This is a sturdy and well-built tonneau cover. Truxedo used a combination of aluminum and vinyl for this cover. The frame is made out of heavy-duty aluminum. And a tear-resistant leather grain vinyl is used for the top covering part. This fabric also resists UV.

Installing the cover is quite easy. You’ll need nothing more than a half-inch wrench for the installation. Truxedo provides the required clamps to attach the side rails with the truck’s bed rails. The total installation process shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

The best thing about this tonneau cover is the ease of usability. As the covering part is made out of lightweight fabric, it is very easy to fold or unfold. You’ll be able to fold the cover in seconds and load your dirt bike on your truck’s bed. It’ll give you full-bed access.

This bed cover has a built-in automatic tension control. This tension control will help you to maintain wrinkle-free vinyl in any season. Speaking of seasons, this tonneau cover can protect your cargo from the weather in any season. Truxedo also used industrial Velcro on the sides to ensure the perfect seal against the weather.

Let’s talk about security now. This cover locks with the tailgate in the fully closed position. There is a single trigger latch to unlock the tonneau cover. This trigger latch is hidden under the cover and you can’t access it without unlocking the tailgate.


  • Easy installation and usability
  • Low-profile and sleek look
  • 100% bed access
  • Built-in tension control
  • Good security and weather protection


  • Thieves can easily cut through the vinyl
  • You can’t drive your truck while the cover isn’t locked or fully open

Verdict: Overall this is a great tonneau cover. It has all the good features you’ll need from a tonneau cover. The downsides mentioned above come with any soft roll-up tonneau covers. But, not all soft roll-up covers offer all the features this one offers. So, we are suggesting this one as the best soft tonneau cover for dirt bikes.

2. BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Truck bed Cover

Type: Hard Rolling
Exterior: Leather Grain
Material: Vinyl

BAK industry has a good reputation for making various tonneau covers. This company has some of the best tonneau covers in the market. BAK Revolver X2 is one of those products. This tonneau cover has some exclusive features you won’t get anywhere else.

The build of this tonneau cover is solid. The entire cover is made out of aluminum. Yes, even the top covering part is made with aluminum slats. There is a vinyl overlay over these slats. This overlay protects the aluminum slats. The side rails are also made out of aluminum of course.

The installation process of this cover isn’t that hard. You just need to attach the side rails with your truck’s bed rails and then attach the top part with those side rails. Unlike other hard rolling tonneau covers, this one doesn’t require any drilling.

This tonneau cover will give you 100% bed access. Although the rolled-up cover takes a little space of your truck bed on the front side, you’ll get enough space for your dirt bike.

They are automatic rotational locking rails. They will lock your entire cover with the side rails. On the tailgate side, there is a slam latch that locks the cover with the tailgate. There are two pull cables on each side to unlock the cover.

The locking side rails not only lock the cover but also seal it well. This seal is good for pretty much any weather. In short, this cover will give you good protection against weather and extraordinary security for your cargo.

Oh, this hard-rolling cover can withstand 400 lbs. of evenly distributed weight. And you know what does that means. If you want you can haul your dirt bike over this bed cover (typically a dirt bike weighs about 215 lbs.).


  • Sturdy and durable build with great materials
  • Easy installation
  • Full bed access
  • Good sealing against weather
  • Extraordinary security


  • Not drivable when it’s partially open
  • It can leak some water during heavy rain

Verdict: This is undoubtedly a great tonneau cover. It is well-built with good materials, quite easy to install, offers various features with 100% bed access, has good weather protection with maximum security, and has a nice look. Is there anything else anyone would want? It is undoubtedly the best tonneau cover. But after considering the price, it’ll be our pick as the best premium tonneau cover for dirt bike.

3. DNA Motoring TTC Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Type: Hard Tri-Fold
Exterior: Bullfrog Bump Texture
Material: Aluminum

DNA motoring has earned its fame for offering quality tonneau covers at a relatively cheap price. This company offers pretty much any type of auto parts. TTC Hard is one of the most popular hard tri-fold tonneau covers in the market.

The best thing about this cover is the materials. The top panels are made out of Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP). The frame is made with Polypropylene and Rubber. Just for the record, FRP is 30% lighter than aluminum and can withstand almost the same amount of force.

Installing the TTC hard folding tonneau cover isn’t as easy as the other covers we mentioned above. It doesn’t require any tools but, precise measurement and adjustment are required. We suggest taking help from any professional to install this bed cover.

The FRP panels help to hold up to 350 lbs. weight over this tonneau cover. So, you can haul your dirt bike on top of the cover. As a bonus, you will get the whole truck bed for your other belongings. This tri-fold cover will give you 2/3 access to your truck bed. 

This bed cover will give you good protection against the weather. DNA motoring also provides a tailgate seal with the tonneau cover. TTC hard has two clamp locks and these clamps aren’t accessible without unlocking the tailgate. So, security is also good.


  • Great materials and build
  • Easy to fold or unfold as the top covers are lightweight
  • Good security and weather protection
  • Relatively cheaper


  • Installation is relatively hard
  • Only two-thirds of the truck bed is accessible

Verdict: This tonneau cover has the best possible materials and build. It’ll give you good security and seal against any weather. If you don’t mind loading your dirt bike over the tonneau cover, it’s a great option to choose. We included this cover in this list as the most durable tonneau cover for a dirt bike.

Best Tonneau Cover For Dirt Bikes

Final Words

These were our suggested products for this article. Hopefully, you read the full review. By now, you may have already decided on a tonneau cover. If you are still confused, the next part is for you.

Let’s be clear about one thing first. All these tonneau covers mentioned in this article are the best tonneau cover in that category. All three of them are different from each other. The choice should come down to your preference. Choosing any of these covers won’t be the wrong idea. Still, we will give you a simple suggestion.

If you want an inexpensive tonneau cover, choose the Truxedo Lo Pro. If you need a relatively cheaper but hard tonneau cover, purchase the DNA Motoring TTC Hard. It is the best hard tri-fold tonneau cover.

If you want the best tonneau cover for a dirt bike, we will suggest the BAK Revolver X2. It is the best tonneau cover you can buy. Just remember that it has a premium price tag.

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