Best Tonneau Cover For Gooseneck Review 2022

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Top Pick: Roll N Lock M-Series

If you are looking for a Tonneau Cover for gooseneck and you don’t have the time to shop around, go for this one. Overall its performance and build quality are better than most others.

Most pickup truck owners consider their vehicle as an all-purpose vehicle. That means using it for towing an ATV or a trailer besides regular purposes. If you are towing a trailer more often, you should use a tonneau cover that works even you are towing or hauling something.

Using a gooseneck or a fifth wheel hitch are the most popular and easy options to tow something. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best tonneau cover for gooseneck. This list is based on our research about the specification, details, and features of all the options available. We also cross-checked our selected products with hundreds of user reviews and their ratings about those products.

Before talking about the list of our chosen tonneau covers, you must look at the following factors. You should always consider these factors if you have a gooseneck installed on your truck bed.

  • You must have a good view while connecting with your gooseneck trailer. So, you should choose a cover that doesn’t interrupt or block your view at the gooseneck from the driver’s seat.
  • If you want some minimal protection for your cargo while hauling a gooseneck trailer, you should look for a tonneau cover that has several locking positions.
  • You should also check the build, materials, durability, security, and weather protection for any tonneau cover you choose.

You can find a lot of tonneau cover that works with a gooseneck hitch. Almost all the tonneau covers are usable with a gooseneck installed on your truck’s bed. But, all of them aren’t usable while you’re towing.  So, we have compiled this list by considering all the important factors. Let’s take a look at those selected products.

Top 3 Best Tonneau Cover for Gooseneck Review

Please read the full review of each suggestion. Reading all the details will help you understand the product and it will help you to decide the best choice for you.

1. Roll N LRoll N Lock M-Series Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Type: Retractable
Exterior: Smooth
Material: Vinyl
Lock Type: Tailgate, Key

Roll N Lock is a company that only makes retractable tonneau covers. This company has a great reputation for their quality products. Roll N Lock is available for almost every truck model. All you need is to select the model and bed size to buy one.

This all-aluminum constructed tonneau cover is built well. To ensure protection against rust and corrosion, the aluminum is also powder coated. The top part of this cover is made out of leather grain vinyl and aluminum slats.

Installing the cover isn’t too hard. The total installation process takes about 20 minutes. You will need a medium flat blade screwdriver, a number two Phillips head screwdriver, a 7/16-inch wrench or socket, and a measuring tape to install the cover.

M series is the best and most advanced tonneau cover that Roll N Lock offers. It has five different locking positions. You can cover your truck bed partially even if you’re hauling a trailer. The canister of this cover is very compact to ensure maximum bed space availability. This cover offers 100% bed access, like all other retractable tonneau covers.

This cover has a latch lock system and it locks with the tailgate with an external key. Without unlocking the cover, the tailgate is unlockable. That ensures maximum security. The sealing of this cover is very good. You will get the best possible weather protection by using this cover.


  • Good build
  • Low-profile design
  • Locks in multiple positions
  • Easy to use latch lock
  • Great security and weather sealing


  • Tailgate is locked when the cover is locked
  • The installation process is a bit hard

Verdict: This cover is built well and it’s durable with good security and weather protection. In simple words, this is the perfect retractable tonneau cover. This is our pick as the best tonneau cover for gooseneck. If you don’t have any problem paying a premium price, this is the option to choose from. 

2. Tyger Auto T1 (Soft Top) Roll Up Truck Bed Cover

Type: Soft Roll Up
Exterior: Dual-coated Vinyl
Material: Vinyl, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Lock Type: Tailgate

You may have heard this company’s name before. It is one of the most popular companies not only for their tonneau covers but also for various auto parts they make. This cover is available for pretty much every truck that exists on earth.

Tyger used the best possible materials on this soft roll-up tonneau cover. The cover is made out of dual coated 24 oz. marine-grade vinyl. The side rails of this cover are made out of aircraft-grade aluminum. To mount the side rails, stainless steel clamps are provided in the box.

Installing the cover is really easy. It doesn’t require a drill or any special tool to install. It will take about 20 minutes to install. You may need to cut small holes on your bedliner if you have an over-the-bedrail bedliner installed.

T1 locks with two latch locks on both sides. There are two pull cables on each side to unlock the cover. Pulling any one of these cables will unlock the cover. These pull cables aren’t accessible when the tailgate is locked. So, it’s locked when the tailgate is locked.

This cover seals well against the weather. There is a built-in adjustable tension control to keep the cover tight and wrinkle-free in any weather. There are some aluminum crossbars to support the vinyl. There are Velcro strips on each side, and that keeps the cover well-sealed.


  • Good material and build
  • Easy to install
  • Low-profile
  • Built-in tension control
  • Requires small budget


  • The latch lock doesn’t work if the side rails aren’t perfectly aligned

Verdict: This tonneau cover will provide all the necessary features and protection. The cover is well-built and durable enough for a soft type cover. Just don’t expect anything extraordinary from this low-budget tonneau cover. This is the best soft roll up tonneau cover for any truck model. So, choose this if you want a relatively low-priced tonneau cover with decent protection.

3. BAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Truck Tonneau Cover

Type: Hard Rolling
Exterior: Chrome, Painted, Polished
Material: Vinyl Top w/ Aluminum Underside
Lock Type: Tailgate

BAK Industries is one of the best companies for making quality and premium tonneau covers. Revolver X4 is the most featureful product from the BAK industry. It is also the best hard roll-up tonneau cover available in the market. It comes in one color (premium matte finish).

X4 is a well-built cover with durable materials. This cover is made with aluminum slats. A vinyl overlay is used over these slats and that overlay ensures a better look and feel. The side rails of this cover are also made out of high-quality aluminum alloy.

This cover has an easy installation process. You won’t need a drill or any special tool to install the cover. You’ll need a wrench or socket though. Two bulkhead seals are provided in the box for better sealing. It takes about 20 minutes to install the cover.

Unlike some other roll-up tonneau covers, this cover doesn’t require any lifting for rolling the cover. Rolling the cover is also smooth and easy. You can roll open or close it with one hand from both sides. X4 is a low-profile tonneau cover and sits flush with the tailgate. It has rotational locking rails which lock the entire cover from the side.

Revolver X4 locks with an automatic slam latch lock. It locks when you slam the cover whether the tailgate is locked or unlocked. There are two pull cables on both sides to unlock the cover. The cover can’t be unlocked without unlocking the tailgate. This cover seals well against any weather. As it is rated for 400lbs. of evenly distributed weight, it can withstand heavy rainfall.


  • Well-built and durable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Comes in premium matte finish
  • Low-profile
  • Great security and weather sealing


  • A little expensive than competitors
  • Leaks some water on heavy rain

Verdict: This cover has quality materials, great build, security, weather protection with a nice premium look. It is also easier to use than other similar products. All these features come with a premium price tag. If the price isn’t an issue for you, we will suggest you buy it. Because this is the best hard roll up tonneau cover for any truck bed with or without a gooseneck installed.

Best Tonneau Cover For Gooseneck

Final Words

No tonneau cover can be said as the perfect tonneau cover. We tried to show you the best choices that can give you a near-perfect experience. All the three covers mentioned and reviewed here are different from each other and they are the best option in that category. You won’t regret choosing any of these tonneau covers.

If you want a hard-type tonneau cover for the best possible security, the BAK Revolver X4 is the one to choose. You can choose the Tyger T1 as the price is relatively low. Just remember that it is the best available on that budget and it is a decent cover.

If you ask our choice as the best tonneau cover for gooseneck, we will pick the Roll N Lock Retractable tonneau cover. This cover is the easiest to use among these three. You can protect your cargo even if you are towing a trailer as the cover locks in three different positions in between open and close.

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