Best Tonneau Cover For Toyota Tacoma Review 2022

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Top Pick: Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold

If you are looking for a Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma and you don’t have the time to shop around, go for this one. Overall its performance and build quality are better than most others.

If anyone said that finding out the best tonneau cover for Toyota Tacoma is an easy job, then probably they’ve never bought one on their own.

The thing is while choosing a tonneau cover even a single wrong move can not only make you waste hundreds of bucks but will compromise the truck bed security as well. Besides, it opens up the chances of your stuff getting stolen, damaged from the weather condition, and compromising aerodynamics.

So, we would suggest picking up a tonneau cover only after considering the following factors:

  • Material quality and construction
  • Installation process
  • Ability to withstand weather
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Waterproofness
  • Carrying capacity
  • UV protection

With thorough research, these are the factors that we sorted out while making our list of the finest tonneau covers for Toyota Tacoma out there. Want to see that list? Well, here it is. 

Best Overall

Tyger Auto T3 Tri Fold Tonneau Cover Toyota Tacoma

Tyger Auto T3

Size: 5′ and 6′
Type: Soft Tri-Fold
Fits: 2005-2021

Best Premium

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Tri Fold Tonneau Cover Tacoma


Size: 5’1″ and 6’2″
Type: Hard Folding
Fits: 2016-2021

Best Budget

Tyger Auto T1 Tacoma Tonneau Cover Roll Up

Tyger Auto T1

Size: 5′ and 6′
Type: Soft Roll Up

Top 10 Best Tonneau Cover for Tacoma Review

These are the tonneau covers for Toyota Tacoma that were able to slip into our list. Check them out!

1. Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Size: 5′ and 6′
Type: Soft Tri-Fold
Exterior: Dual-coated Vinyl
Material: Vinyl, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Fits: 2005-2021

How would you feel after rolling with a perfect cover in the summer but seeing total fall in quality in the winter? Well, it might be a typical case in low-quality tonneau covers as not all of them are as good as the TYGER T3 from Tyger Auto.

The cover is a perfect combination of marine-grade vinyl and heavy-duty aluminum cover frames. So, durability is not going to be a headache for sure. On top of that, the high-performance vinyl can withstand any bad weather condition, whether it’s hot, cold, or snowy.

As the quick installation process doesn’t need any special tool, the time it asks to get set on the bed is not more than 5 minutes. And yes, it’s drill-free too.  

With the presence of strong clamps backed by a stainless steel rod, getting this roll-up cover misplaced is more challenging than ever, no matter what kind of roads you’re rolling on. Besides, with the weather-tight sealing, it’s next to impossible to make anything get in the bed without your permission.

In case you haven’t seen the picture of the cover, it comes with a tri-fold design that gives partial access to more than 70% of the bed. It would’ve been better if the number was 100%. That’s the one part we didn’t love about it. In that race, TYGER T1 will stay ahead.

It’s available for all the Toyota Tacoma from 2005 and afterward under three different variants. So, it’s kind of tough to return empty-handed when you’re asking for one to put on your pickup truck.

When you’ve got no time to waste on the installation, but you still can’t think of anything but a high-end tonneau cover, we say you better go for the Tyger Auto’s TYGER T3.


  • The tool-free installation process needs just 5 minutes to be finished
  • Weather-tight sealing prevents anything unwanted from having access to the bed
  • High-quality material makes the durability unquestionable
  • Strong clamps don’t let the cover get loose regardless of the road condition
  • Wide compatibility range covers all the models from ’05 to ’21


  • Tri-fold design leaves a part of the bed inaccessible

2. Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Cover

Size: 5′ and 6′
Type: Soft Roll Up
Exterior: Dual-coated Vinyl
Material: Vinyl, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Fits: 2005-2021

Have you ever felt like your uncovered tonneau has been slowing your ride down along with filling the bed with dust? If the answer is yes, then we think team Tyger Auto can fix that up with their TYGER T1 tonneau cover.

Its heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl construction is made to cover any Toyota Tacoma’s tonneau out there, whether it comes with a 6′ bed or 5′. If it’s anything after the year 2005, then you can be sure about its compatibility with your eyes closed. 

The sleek design promotes aerodynamics in the ride, which helps with saving additional gas. On top of that, the durable construction makes it last longer than those low-cover out there. By the way, it’s tear-resistant too. 

Thanks to the built-in crossbars for ensuring better support. But the support has gotten better just because they’re positioned horizontally. Plus, rolling up the cover is also too easy, where zero struggle is needed to have full access to the bed.  

For keeping it secured in place, the credit mostly goes to its superb latch lock. But that wouldn’t have worked so perfectly if the tension system weren’t perfectly adjustable. 

In order to make it flawless, the makers had to keep the installation at a convenient level. Surprisingly, they’ve done it in a way that even the need for any kind of drilling went out of the picture. 

Tyger Auto TYGER T1 can ensure maximum protection to a truck bed with zero effort and full efficiency. So, getting a tonneau cover like this won’t be a mistake for sure.


  • Wider compatibility range covers any Toyota Tacoma came after the year ‘05
  • The roll-up cover design makes full access to the bed a piece of cake. 
  • Heavy-duty material pushes the durability to the peak of it
  • Perfect latch lock doesn’t let the secured position loose at all
  • Drill-free installation is just too easy to deal with


  • Not possible to install when there are bedside rails

3. Gator ETX Soft Folding Bed Cover

Size: 5′, 5’1″, 6′, 6’2″
Type: Soft Tri-Fold
Fits: 2005-2021

Gator makes all types of tonneau covers. ETX soft tri-fold cover is one of their cheapest options which also offers impressive specifications. This soft tri-fold tonneau cover is available for all bed sizes of Toyota Tacoma (2005-2021).

Gator used a sturdy and durable frame for this cover. This frame is constructed from a lightweight aluminum alloy. This tonneau cover has a heavy-duty vinyl covering for the top part. Provided clamps are also made out of aluminum.

Installing the cover is very easy. It doesn’t require any drill to install. You will need a socket or wrench to attach the side rails on top of your truck’s bed. Attaching the vinyl part with those rails is easy. It will take about 10 minutes to complete the full installation.

As the Gator ETX is a low-profile and custom-fit tonneau cover, it fits well and looks very good. This cover doesn’t increase the truck’s height. It makes the truck more aerodynamic, which can improve your mileage as well. There are two easy-to-use clamps on both sides to lock the cover.

The clamps on the tailgate side are only accessible after unlocking the tailgate. So, there is nothing to worry about the security. The weather protection is also good. The tonneau cover has a pre-installed rubber seal which seals very well against the weather. 

This cover has a good overall specification with simple usability. It is a good option on a low budget. If you don’t want to spend much and need a decent soft tri-fold cover, it is a good option to consider.


  • Well built
  • Easy installation
  • Custom-fit
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good weather protection


  • Only two-thirds of the bed is accessible
  • Extra rubber seal is required for some bed rails

4. TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Tacoma Bed Cover

Size: 5’1″ and 6’2″
Type: Soft Roll Up
Exterior: Black
Fits: 2016-2021

The problem with most of the tonneau cover is, whether we like it or not, it’ll always be there, even after folding it off. But TruXport tonneau cover from TruXedo is like a drop on that beat.

This super easy-to-use cover doesn’t need much effort to be unfolded except for unlocking its tailgate latches. As its design is in roll-up mode, folding it to the fullest is not a problem and gives full access to the bed. Plus, there are attachment buckles to keep the cover in place after rolling up.

But don’t get fooled by its amazing flexibility. It still comes from high-quality leather-embossed vinyl made to last long under any kind of weather condition. The entire construction is backed by the heavy-duty 1.5″ frame, which pushes the overall sturdiness to a whole other level.

Its manually adjustable tension control keeps the cover tight and prevents the water from slipping in. Not only it contains water, but snow is on that list too, even if its thickness is a few inches.

Though the installation doesn’t need any drilling, it still takes 30 minutes. We know it’s not the fastest one we have reviewed so far. But at least it’s not slower than most of the covers out there.

The presence of black leather fabric has made it a hassle-free cover to clean. Besides, the high-quality fabric won’t fade away any sooner.

TruXedo TruXport 256001 might not be the fastest installable cover, but it’s still full of essential advantages, which make it an excellent choice. 


  • Heavy-duty frame pushes the overall sturdiness higher
  • Adjustable tarp tension keeps the cover tight and prevents water intrusion
  • The roll-up design gives quick access to the full bed in no time
  • High-quality leather fabric will stay unfaded for a long time
  • Buckles don’t let the cover get loose after rolling up


  • The installation process takes 30 minutes

5. BAK BAKFlip MX4 Tri Fold Hard Tonneau Cover

Size: 5’1″ and 6’2″
Type: Hard Folding
Exterior: Chrome, Painted, Polished
Fits: 2016-2021

If there’s anything, we say the closest to impossible is keeping the tonneau cover away from scratches. But thankfully, the BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover from BAK finally showed a way that with the right cover, even that problem could be solved too.

The matte finish over its aluminum panels not only has made this cover durable but strong enough to withstand UV damages and scratches. We didn’t know how even with a low-profile tonneau cover design, a cover can make a truck worth looking at twice. By the way, the matte finish is not a mark or fingerprint magnet either.

Like any other high-class hard top cover, this one, too, ensures total protection to the bed and everything you’re planning to put on it. But to pull off that level of security, what helped the most was the automatic latch that keeps panels locked to the truck.

There’s a complaint about the hardtop covers that they often don’t give 100% access to the bed. Proving that wrong, this cover has made it possible to get the whole bed open to put anything on it. On top of that, it doesn’t cover the third brake light as well.

Guess what kind of weight its rock-solid top can handle? It might sound unbelievable, but it can deal with 400 lbs. at once, only when it’s distributed evenly, though. And yes, it comes with both 5.1′ and 6.2′ variants.

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover is mostly about style and sturdiness, so if anyone who’s looking for these two would love it for sure.


  • Aluminum cover panels work like a protector against UV damage and scratches
  • The low-profile design gives an overall sleek appearance to the truck
  • The automatic latching mechanism instantly secures the panel position right after putting it down
  • Rock-solid construction can handle 400 lbs., weight once distributed evenly
  • The matte finish keeps the fingerprint or marks away from the surface


  • Heavyweight construction adds extra weight to the truck

6. DNA MOTORING Hard Solid Tri-Fold Bed cover for Truck

Type: Hard Solid Tri-Fold
Exterior: Bullfrog Bump Texture
Fits: 2000-2021

There’s no doubt that Toyota Tacoma is simply a Hulkish truck with huge power. So it’s kind of hard to find a solid tonneau cover worth matching with that. But team DNA MOTORING has pulled off that tough job with their TTC-Hard Tri-Fold.

This hardtop folding cover comes with a construction mainly formed by aluminum plating with Black powder-coating. It’s tough to expect anything but maximum security with this kind of material, and that’s what it does. But what’s more surprising is that it can carry a weight of 350 lbs. with an even distribution.

The solid top not only provides additional security features but also improves aerodynamics. Now, if that doesn’t save the fuel, we don’t know what does.

Folding it can not be easier, as you can put it in 4 different positions. The locking straps it comes with make sure that the panels are staying where they should be after getting folded. To make it a perfect fit, a fair share of credit goes to its Adjustable tension system.

To achieve perfect sealing, the makers have added rubberized edges, which makes it kind of tough for water or anything to get inside.

Except for the fact the cover asks for putting some holes for the installation, DNA MOTORING TTC-HARD-059 got every feature covered to call it an ideal tonneau cover for Toyota Tacoma.


  • Strong aluminum plating makes the cover lasts for a more extended period of time
  • Adjustable tension brings perfection to the fitting
  • Locking strap keeps the cover secured after getting it folded
  • Solid top improves the overall aerodynamics when wheels are on the run
  • Superb weight carrying capacity can handle 350 lbs. at once


  • Installation process is not free of drilling

7. Syneticusa Aluminum Retractable Low Profile Waterproof Tonneau Cover

Size: 5′
Type: Retractable
Fits: 2016-2021

How many times has it happened that you wanted to keep the cover open to a certain level but couldn’t just because the plating wasn’t folding that way? Well, feel free to count those days over with the Retractable Cover from Syneticusa.

The aluminum slats it’s made of have turned it into a pure source of sturdiness and durability. Plus, the powder coating that has given it a nice textured matte finish boasts a stunning appearance.

This very finishing works like a shield against salt, snow, harsh wind, rain, and so much more. And yes, it’s UV protected too. So, no fading this time. On the question of compatibility, it fits Toyota Tacomas that came after the year 2016 with a bed size of 5′.

From the name, it’s nothing hard to guess the retractable nature of this cover. But what has taken it on the row of the most efficient tonneau covers is it can be fixed in all positions. So, keeping it closed, opened, or half-opened depends on the user.

The design might look complicated, but the installation is not. With all the bolts and mounting brackets, the installation won’t eat up a time of more than 30 minutes. But what I didn’t like is that some drilling has to be performed to get the drainage tubes set.

To keep the stuff secured on the Tacoma bed, it comes with a key-based cover locking mechanism. This means there’s no chance of things getting stolen anymore.

Syneticusa Retractable Tonneau Cover is an all-in-all cover that works perfectly and makes the truck a better ride to look at.


  • Retractable design allows locking at all the positions
  • UV protection saves the finish from getting faded
  • The locking mechanism ensures protection against any kind of theft
  • Aluminum slats turn construction worthy to sustain in the long run
  • Waterproof design keeps your cargo safe from salt and snow as well


  • Drilling makes the installation a bit unpleasant

8. RetraxPRO XR Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Size: 5’1″ and 6’2″
Type: Retractable
Exterior: Matte Finish
Fits: 2016-2021

Putting an extra rack on the truck for carrying bikes or bicycles is nothing new. But what if a tonneau cover can get that job done along with covering the truck bed? Well, that’s what RetraxPRO XR from Retrax has been able to pull off.

This versatile cover is designed in a way that it’s capable of doubling the cargo space capacity of the truck bed. Thanks to its Trax Rail System that has added the unique and essential feature to the list. But T-slot accessories have to be bought separately to utilize this feature.

As the design promotes innovation, there have to be some significant changes to weight supporting capacity, too, right? Well, without disappointment on that part, the makers have managed to push that up to 500 pounds, with even distribution, of course.

The aluminum panels it comes with are perfectly sturdy and durable, which makes this truck bed cover a ‘must-have’ addition.

Plus, the retractable slats close down the bed instant, and the same goes for opening it up. In a sentence, total smoothness on that part. On top of that, it can be locked in any position. It’s up to the riders whether they’re going to do with latch or key lock.

RetraxPRO XR is a perfect combo of uniqueness and usefulness. Adding a piece like that to the truck can actually take the carrying capacity to a whole other level.


  • Trax Rail System has enhanced the cargo capacity of the truck bed
  • Impressive weight supporting capacity can deal with up to 500 pounds weight at once
  • Retractable slats are smooth on opening and closing
  • Availability of both latch and key locks make the panels lock easier than ever
  • Durability hits the ceiling with the sturdy aluminum panels


  • Lack of clarity in instruction leads to confusion

9. BAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Cover For Truck Bed

Size: 5’1″
Type: Hard Rolling
Exterior: Matte Black
Material: Vinyl Top w/ Aluminum Underside
Fits: 2005-2018

Usually, the roll-up covers are focused mostly on covering the bed alone rather than giving any attention to the strength. But team BAK didn’t think it that way, and the Revolver X4 tonneau cover is the proof.

The RX4 stands on two high-quality materials; one – black vinyl matte-finish, two – durable and strong aluminum slats. The vinyl has made the cover a hard to penetrate structure for water and snow. On the other hand, the sheet of aluminum slats has made weight carrying capacity better than ever.

This cover got a locking bed and rail system with rotational mode, which easily secures the Tacoma bed length. Besides, the latching mechanism makes sure that the cover can get locked at the tailgate securely.

Under two different variants, this cover can fit any Toyota Tacoma from 2005 to 2018. And in the case of bed size, there are two variants of 5′ and 6′ for that too.

As the cover is of roll-up pattern, it didn’t have to go through any struggle for ensuring full bed access. Once it’s fully rolled up, it doesn’t even cover the third brake light to cause problems for the driver.

BAK Revolver X4 is more of a simplistic cover that is targeted to deliver total security to the bed. But due to certain drawbacks, it’s hard to recommend the cover for all the Toyota Tacomas.


  • Locking rails cover the full bed like a piece of cake
  • High-quality vinyl keeps the water and snow away from stepping into the bed
  • Covers most of the Toyota Tacomas with an impressive compatibility range
  • Secures the entire truck bed with the help of locking rails
  • Keeps the third brake light uncovered even after a full roll-up


  • Coverage range doesn’t include models after the year 2018

10. BAK BAKFlip FiberMax Hard Folding Cover for Truck

Size: 5’1″
Type: FiberMax Hard Folding
Exterior: Chrome, Painted, Polished
Fits: 2016 – 2021

No matter how hard you try, it’s tough to save a tonneau cover from dents and scratches. So, the best way to prevent them is to get a cover that can withstand them both like the BAKFlip FiberMax from BAK does.

Any quality cover has to fulfill one primary condition to work like that, which is being made of strong material. This BAK creation is made of FRP or Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer and converted into a tough nut to crack for dents and scratches.

With the 90°+ foldability, it keeps the 3rd brake light visible and allows better airflow while driving.

To keep the panels in their place, the cover comes with an automatic-latching system. So, just using the strings will be enough to release the latch and fold the cover for opening the cover.

In some of the earlier covers, drilling was kind of mandatory. But not in this one. Sockets and wrenches are the only tools you’d need to put on your truck, nothing more, nothing less.

Team BAK has always tried to keep the quality on top and made no exception on this one too. So, for having a decent cover to keep the bed clean, BAKFlip FiberMax won’t be a bad choice.


  • FRP construction counters dents and scuffs better than ever
  • 90°+ foldability doesn’t prevent 3rd brake light from being visible
  • Automatic latching system pushes opening the cover to a convenient level
  • Allows having a drill-free installation with the help of a simple wrench and socket


  • Lack of a key-based locking system makes it less effective against theft
Best Tonneau Cover For Toyota Tacoma

Final Words

After putting so many options on your table, we are pretty confident that you won’t have any confusion about the best tonneau cover for Toyota Tacoma. But if you’re still fighting with yourself about picking the right one we might be able to help you again with some unbiased suggestions.

If you’re asking for a decent solution to grab all the regular advantages of having a tonneau cover, then I’d say go for the Tyger Auto TYGER T1. But if it’s about having maximum bed access, then pick TruXedo TruXport 256001.

And in case you’re thinking about nothing more than having better weight carrying capacity with more versatility, pick RetraxPRO XR. Now you decide which one you think will be suiting you the most.

Are you facing problems with the uncovered truck bed of your ride? Click here and see how the best tonneau cover for Toyota Tacoma can bring you the solution.

Top Pick: Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold

If you are looking for a Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma and you don’t have the time to shop around, go for this one. Overall its performance and build quality are better than most others.

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