Best Tonneau Cover For Tundra Crewmax Review 2022

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Top Pick: Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri Fold

If you are looking for a Tonneau Cover For Tundra Crewmax and you don’t have the time to shop around, go for this one. Overall its performance and build quality are better than most others.

How does it feel when you see a pile of dust on your stuff after bringing them from the shop? Or let’s guess the worse – what if it soaks wet in the rain?

If that is what’s going on with your ride, then I bet the cover you’re using is not the best tonneau cover for your Tundra Crewmax. Now the question is, how will you get one? What is the right one for you among various types of tonneau covers out there? Well, the most straightforward answer is picking up the one on the basis of –

  • The stronger and durable construction
  • Compatibility to the vehicle’s model and year
  • The ease of installation
  • How much weight does it add to the ride
  • The accessibility to the bed
  • Its ability to resist the weather and water
  • The ease of rolling up and usage 

The options I’ve slipped in my list got all of them covered effortlessly. Would you like to check them out? You’re up for the journey to your next tonneau cover then, I guess. 

Top Pick

Tyger Auto T3 tundra bed cover

Tyger Auto T3

Size: 5′ 5″
Soft Tri-Fold

Best Premium

BAK BAKFlip MX4 tundra tonneau hard cover


Size: 5’7”
Type: Hard Folding
2007 – 2021

Best Budget

Tyger Auto T1 bed cover for toyota tundra

Tyger Auto T1

Size: 5′ 5″
Soft Roll Up

Top 9 Best Tonneau Cover for Tundra Crewmax Review

Well, here’s your answer. I’ve made a list of the top 9 tonneau covers that can literally get you rid of the hassles of having a naked tonneau in your Tundra Crewmax. So, let’s start with the first one then?

1. Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck bed Cover

Size: 5′ 5″
Type: Soft Tri-Fold
‎Dual-coated Vinyl
Fits: 2007-2021 

Getting tired of looking for the right tonneau cover that can fit into your Toyota Tundra Crewmax? It seems Tyger Auto has got the right one in their arsenal that will be perfect for the 2007-2021 models. Yes, it’s the Tyger T3 tonneau cover that I’m talking about.

As the cover material matters the most here, the makers have focused on that more than anything. It’s heavy-duty 24oz. vinyl, which is of marine-grade, seems to be a perfect fit for any extreme role. Moreover, this vinyl is tear-resistant.

But they didn’t only try to keep up the good work within the vinyl. The same touch was given on the aircraft-grade aluminum frames as well. That’s what has made the structural strength of the total construction sturdier than ever.

There’s one more aspect that I think matters a ton, and that is the installation. The complete installation process doesn’t require any drilling and special tools either. So to keep that part on the easier side, team Tyger Auto used stainless-steel clamps. On top of these, these clamps also have excellent durability.

Now the question is, how convenient will it make the access? Well, thanks to its horizontal crossbars, which are pre-assembled, of course, it’ll be easy to fold to get complete access to the bed.  

For a fan of the soft-top and hassle-free installation, this cover will sound like a blessing. But don’t think about it if you’ve got a bed size more than 6.5′.


  • Marine-grade vinyl cover is tear-resistant
  • Stainless Steel clamps make the installation easier
  • The installation requires no drilling
  • Horizontal crossbars ensure ease of access
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame maximizes the strength


  • Incompatible with bed above 5.5′

2. BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Size: 5′ 7″
Type: Hard Folding
Exterior: Chrome, Painted, Polished
Fits: 2007-2021

As many of you guys daily drive the older models of the Tundra Crewmax, this list would be incomplete without including one. So, guess what? I’ve got one for the 2007-2021 models, and it’s the Bakflip MX4 Tonneau Cover from BAK for your Toyota Tundra Crewmax.

Some of the covers out there can’t ensure full bed access. Thankfully, this one is not one of them. The reason is nothing else but its foldable aluminum construction panel design. These panels are durable at the same time.

Besides the durable aluminum panels, thanks to the integrated buckle system that has left no chance of having any problem while driving. Now it’s up to you whether you keep it flipped up or folded. And no, it doesn’t cover the third brake light. There’s no reason for you to worry about the water in the rain as the dual drain tubes won’t let the water stay in the truck bed. 

Plus, to maximize the level of protection, the makers have used the automatic latching system, which ensures total cargo protection once the truck bed cover is closed.

But other than being a better durable cover, there’s one more criterion it had to go through, and that’s the installation. Thankfully, with a convenient mechanism, even inexperienced individuals can get it installed on their rides.

In the question of compatibility, the Bakflip MX4 has been quite promising. It can fit into any Toyota Tundra model that came after the year 2007.

The BAK Bakflip MX4 is a perfect choice for those who think hardtops are the finest as cover and are also looking for something that’s going to be easy to install.


  • Foldable cover allows full bed access
  • Aluminum panels are of high-quality material ensuring durability
  • It doesn’t cover the third brake light when flipped up
  • Dual drain tubes keep the water out
  • Automatic latching system ensures cargo protection


  • Installation takes almost an hour

3. Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Size: 5′ 5″
Type: Soft Roll Up
Exterior: ‎Dual-coated Vinyl
Material: Vinyl, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Fits: 2007-2021

It’s time to get back to the vinyl top. Guess which brand has come with it again? Yes, it’s the Tyger Auto, and they’re back with their T1 Tonneau Cover.

As always, they’ve prioritized the material quality, and they’ve chosen 24oz. marine-grade vinyl, which is amazingly durable. By the way, it’s dual-coated too. To be honest, what else can you expect from a marine-grade material like this?

While lying flat, the proper support indeed is essential for a truck bed cover. Thanks to its built-in horizontal crossbars, there will be no shortage of that. Plus, in need of full access, this roll-up cover has been proved really useful.

Now comes the construction. I think it deserves 10/10 just because of its aircraft-grade aluminum construction side-rails. Plus, the stainless steel clamps have made the installation super convenient to mount on top of the truck bed rail.

But that’s not the only thing that has made the installation hassle-free. The installation doesn’t need any kind of drilling either, and because of that, the mounting hardware and instructions will be more than enough.

To maximize the side’s level of protection, it has got the Velcro strip. So, when rolling on the road, there’s no chance of it getting loose in the air. Another good thing about this Crewmax cover is that its adjustable tension system helps keep the cover tighter than ever.

Like hitting two birds with one stone, this adjustable tension system keeps this soft roll-up tonneau cover wrinkle-free regardless of the weather conditions. If this doesn’t go with your Toyota Tundra Crewmax, what will?

Indeed, team Tyger Auto has shown their excellence in this cover too. But when you’ve got a bed size of 8′, then going for it will be a bad idea.


  • This durable tonneau cover is made of marine-grade vinyl
  • Built-in horizontal crossbars ensure proper support
  • The roll-up feature helps in getting full access
  • Adjustable tension system keeps the cover wrinkle-free
  • The Velcro strip helps in keeping the cover tight


  • Not for Trail Special Edition that has Storage Boxes

4. TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover for Tundra

Size: 5′ 7″
Type: Soft Roll-Up
Exterior: ‎Black
Fits: 2014 to 2021

Well, the next one that I’m going to talk about is what’s probably going to be an eye-catcher for those who love having an undivided cover.

Clearly, team TruXedo has nailed it with their TruXport Tonneau Cover. Want to know if it’s good for your Tundra Crewmax? Let’s get to the special features.

For keeping it all easy, the makers have made the mechanism simpler with tailgate latches. All they need is to be unlocked, and the cover will be ready to get rolled up in no time. 

Plus, the heavy-duty 1.5-inch frame features leather-embossed vinyl, which is exceptionally high in quality and, of course, all-weather tolerant.

To prevent the water from going in, it comes with manually adjustable strap tension. The cover even can deal with snow, even if that’s a few inches thick. Thanks to its support bows for that.

It’s perfectly compatible with all the Toyota Tundra models that are available out there with 5′ 7″ from the year 2014 to 2021. But that doesn’t mean it’ll go with the Trail Special Editions with Storage Boxes.

To keep its users impressed, the makers have made sure that they get an easier proper cover installation. 

So, they’ve made it clear that there will be no need for any type of drilling during installation, and even the removal can be done without any kind of additional tools. And the installation time? Giving it 30 minutes will be enough for that.

If you don’t want to waste too much of your time in installation and love keeping the Crewmax cover undivided, then this TruXedo creation can be a perfect choice.


  • Simply unlocking the latches allows rolling up the cover
  • Leather-embossed vinyl is of high quality
  • Compatible with 2014-2021 Toyota Tundra models
  • Support bows help in handling snow
  • Needs 30 minutes only to get installed


  • Rolling up takes a little more time than the foldable ones

5. Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Size: 5′ 7″
Type: Soft Roll Up
Exterior: ‎Leather Grain Textured Vinyl
Fits: 2007 to 2021

How many times has your existing Crewmax cover got you upset just because it took too much time to unfold? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to that headache as it’s the ETX Roll-up soft tonneau Cover from Gator that I have put in the fifth position on my list.

When it comes to the look, the cover comes with a low-profile design. But to be honest, it still can give the ride’s outlook a stylish edge. Plus, due to having Industrial-grade leather-grain vinyl, the quality and durability both stay at the peak here.

To get it installed, laying hands on a drill machine is totally unnecessary as simply clamps can get the installation done. 

Along with that, the package contains everything that might be required for the installation. To complete the entire installation process, it doesn’t need more than 20-30 minutes.

If a Toyota Tundra Crewmax belongs to any year from 2007 to 2021 and comes with a bed size of 5′ 5″, this cover can take it under its shadow. 

Besides, to make it a source of convenience, the makers didn’t forget to add the trigger latch that doesn’t need more than one hand to operate.

For rolling up, the cover doesn’t have any restrictions. This means having 100% bed access will clearly be easier here. Besides, once it’s rolled up, there will be straps to keep it in place all the time.

It’s an excellent cover for any Toyota Tundra came after 2007. Unfortunately, it can cause minimal water intrusion at times.


  • Trigger latch is operable single-handed
  • This roll-up tonneau cover gives full access to the bed
  • Industrial-grade leather-grain vinyl provides excellent durability
  • Allows drill and tool-free installation
  • It doesn’t need more than 20-30 minutes for the installation


  • Can cause minor water intrusion

6. OEdRo Upgraded Soft Tri-fold Cover

Size: 5’6″
Type: Soft Tri-fold
Material: Fabric
Fits: 2014-2021

There’s no doubt that Tundra Crewmax is the kind of ride that represents robustness. So, when it comes to choosing a cover for that, it has to be something equivalent as well. The next one on my list I think can fit in those shoes. 

After all, it’s the Tri-fold Tonneau Cover from OEdRo.

Showing no miserliness to the material quality, the makers have used 24 OZ marine-grade vinyl here. Clearly, that has made the truck bed cover nothing but UV-resistant and got excellent tensile properties.

On top of that, the powder-coated rails with aluminum clamps have made the installation entirely hassle-free with complete stability. 

Also, the rear clamps have a significant role in converting the ride’s back into an impenetrable trunk for snow and dust.

This cover is a perfect match for all those Toyota Tundra models that came after 2014 (with fleetside). But one thing to remember here, the bed size has to be 5.6ft.

For installation, the number of required tools is zero. Even drilling will be simply unnecessary here. All it needs is just following the instruction that comes with the package.

This tri-fold cover is easily foldable, and it won’t require more than a minute to open up the rear. But the problem is it doesn’t give full access to the bed. A part of the soft tri-fold tonneau cover remains still even after folding it entirely.

There’s no way to question the quality and sturdiness of this folding tonneau bed cover. But if you can’t compromise on the full access part, it’s better to choose one of the earlier options.  


  • Marine-grade Vinyl has ensured resistance against UV damages
  • Compatible Toyota Tundra with fleetside (models came after 2014)
  • Rear clamps prevent snow and dust from getting in
  • The convenient installation process requires zero tools and drilling
  • Folding the cover doesn’t take more than a minute


  • Doesn’t give full access to the bed

7. BAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Size: 5′ 7″
Type: Hard Rolling
Exterior: Matte Black
Material: Vinyl Top w/ Aluminum Underside
Fits: 2007 – 2021

Compatibility is considerably a big issue in the case of getting a Tonneau Cover. So, if you’re really into grabbing something that’s covering the maximum year, then I’d say picking up the Revolver X4 79409T from BAK will definitely be a good decision.

It fits every Toyota Tundra that has a 5′ 7″ bed, and that includes your Crewmax too. But it has to be the one that came after 2007. Also, make sure it’s the one with the OE track system. 

To install it, you’re going to need a few things. Thankfully, you’ll get them all within the package.

In order to give it super strong construction, team BAK has chosen a stylish matte-finished vinyl material with the color black. But that’s not entirely responsible for its sturdy construction. 

It’s the aluminum construction slats under them that have done the trick. They’re so durable that they can ensure excellent protection even against heavy elements.

Thanks to the rotational locking rails, it’s way easier to ensure maximum security by covering the full bed length. 

Another good thing about the RX4 is that it isn’t limited to opening from one side only, you can do that from both sides. The credit goes to the automatic slam latch.

The cover comes with a sleek rollable design that anyone can handle with one hand. There are two different benefits of this. 

One, the overall operation gets easier, and two, it becomes possible to get immediate and complete access to the bed. Besides, this way, it doesn’t stop the third brake light from being visible.

If convenience is your prime focus, along with sturdiness and look, then RX4 can definitely be the one for you.


  • Aluminum slats protect against heavy elements
  • The rollable design gives full access to the bed
  • One-handed operation makes it more convenient
  • Tool-free and drill-free installation
  • Compatible with a broader range of tundra models


  • A bit of water might enter through the top of the tailgate

8. Syneticusa Aluminum Retractable Low Profile Tonneau Cover

Size: 5’6″
Type: Retractable
Exterior: Textured black
Material: Aluminum
Fits: 2007-2021

If you’re thinking about eliminating every chance of water intrusion in the Tonneau, then the next one on my list probably will be the right-click for you. Yes, it’s the Retractable Cover from Syneticusa that I’m talking about. 

Let’s get started with the look first, as that’s what I believe works like an eye-catcher here. Rather than smoothing up, team Syneticusa thought a textured, matte black finish would be a good idea for adding appeal to the cover. 

I must say, they couldn’t be more right!

But the excellence is not just limited to the look. This finish has made the retractable bed cover immune to snow, leaves, salt, rain, and much more. 

Plus, it also has quite a robust construction, and the aluminum reinforces that fact here. So, there’s no chance of complaining about the sturdiness.

It’s possible to lock it in any position, which is a feature I’ve not seen in any cover so far. So, in case of any particular necessity, you won’t have any trouble keeping it half-opened because of this amazing feature.

Everything is included within the package for the installation, whether it’s mounting brackets, bolts, or clear instructions. 

And guess what amount of time will be spent here? Just 30 minutes! Though you might have assumed, still, I must mention, no drilling is needed here either.

The low-profile design has its own perks. It makes the ride look good, relatively strong, and of course, easy to use. By the way, it’s UV-protected. So, fading is not an option here. I won’t say it’s absolutely perfect for your Toyota Tundra Crewmax, but it won’t let you down either.

If you say that it’s a perfect example of convenience and excellence, I won’t be disagreeing. It so far has shown no significant drawback, which is what makes it an excellent choice.


  • Powder-coated finish ensures immunity against various elements
  • Aluminum slats have given it a robust construction
  • Possible to lock the cover in any preferred positions
  • The installation with instruction is easy and less time consuming
  • UV-protection prevents fading


  • It doesn’t fit a model that has storage boxes

9. BAK BAKFlip FiberMax Hard Tonneau Cover

Size: 5′ 7″
Type: Hard Folding
Exterior: ‎Chrome, Painted, Polished
Fits: 2007 – 2021

It’s time to put a full stop to my review part with the ninth product. But rather than getting caught with a new brand, I’ve found that team BAK still has something exceptional left in their arsenal, which is the BAKFlip FiberMax Tonneau Cover for Tundra Crewmax.

As always, team BAK has counted compatibility as the deserved priority. Without keeping it short, they’ve tried to cover as many years as possible. As a result, the cover can fit any Toyota Tundra models after 2007 with the 5′ 7″ Bed.

In order to keep the cover in place, the automatic latching system can be a big plus. So, the makers have added it here too. 

For opening up the cover, there are strings on both sides that’ll help you in releasing the latches and let you fold up the cover. Plus, there are struts to hold it up.

It was a good decision to go with the hardtop as they’ve utilized FRP panels, also known as fiberglass-reinforced polymer panels. This means if it’s about handling scratches and dents, this cover can easily pull that off.

The makers did another thing right on this Folding Tonneau Cover, and that is, leaving no scope for using a drill. After all, that would’ve made the installation process nothing but lengthy. A socket and wrench will be enough to help with the installation.

BAK creations came with something up to the mark all the time, more or less. This folding cover wasn’t any different, but the full access to bed restriction was a real turn-off here.


  • FRP panels are good at resisting scratches and dents
  • Possible to install just with wrench and socket
  • Struts help in holding up the cover
  • An automatic latching system ensures stability
  • Covers all Toyota Tundra models after 2007


  • It doesn’t let the user have full access to the bed
Best Tonneau Cover For Tundra Crewmax

Final Words

Got your hands on the best tonneau cover for tundra crewmax? 

Though nothing is perfect in this world, and the same goes for these covers as well, two of them, I believe, have managed to get close to that perfection.

The first one there is the Syneticusa Retractable Tonneau Cover. Its strong construction, lockability in preferred positions, and retractable design are what made it possible. 

And the other one is the BAK Revolver X4 79409T. Its rollable design backed by Aluminum slats for preventing heavy elements and one-handed operation is what has changed its game.

Top Pick: Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri Fold

If you are looking for a Tonneau Cover For Tundra Crewmax and you don’t have the time to shop around, go for this one. Overall its performance and build quality are better than most others.

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