Best Tonneau Cover Protectant Review 2022

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Top Pick: 303 UV Protectant Spray

Overall this Tonneau Cover Protectant is better than most protectants and it’s applicable on pretty much any surface.

A tonneau cover is the most common accessory to all truck owners. It protects your cargo and truck bed from UV, dust, rain, etc. But, did you ever think about how to take care of the tonneau cover from these things and prevent cracking or fading? Or, are you surprised by hearing that a tonneau cover also needs to be protected?

Well, it’s not mandatory. But, taking care of your tonneau cover will ensure a prolonged lifespan. And that is why we prepared this article about the best tonneau cover protectant. 

A tonneau cover protectant protects your tonneau cover from UV and dust. It also prevents cracking or fading. So, protection comes with good looks assured.Although these protectants can prevent or hide micro-scratches, they won’t help you with big scratches.

Different bed covers are made out of different materials. All the protectants aren’t good for every material. So, it’s better to choose after knowing their details and features. In this article on best tonneau cover protectants, we will be reviewing all our suggestions. So, bear with us and read the article.

Top 4 Best Tonneau Cover Protectant Review

This list of best tonneau cover protectants is made after doing a lot of research from our end. This review is based on all the specifications, user reviews, and comments about these products. All you need to do is read the article and choose the best one suited for your tonneau cover.

N.B. Any protectant can hide some micro-scratches and give a new like look. But, they won’t remove or hide any scratches permanently. Protectants can’t bring back the old color. The matte or glossy finished look is also temporary and will fade away with the protectant. Re-applying it will give the same look again. 

1. 303 UV Protectant Spray

Color: White
Finish Type: Unfinished, Matte
Prevents: Fading And Cracking
Repels: Dust, Lint, and Staining
Restores: Lost Color And Luster

303 is one of the most renowned brands for cleaners and protectants. This brand has 3 (automotive, marine, and universal) different categories; and each category offer cleaners, protectants, and detailer. We have selected the 303 automotive protectant. It was previously known as the 303 aerospace protectant.

This spray contains chemicals like 0-1% of D-sorbitol, 0.24% of magnesium nitrate, 0-0.22% of ethylene glycol, about 60% of water, and 10-20% of other proprietary ingredients. This protectant spray is non-flammable, has very little toxicity, and isn’t hazardous to the skin.

This protectant spray is applicable on rubber (both synthetic and natural), all types of vinyl surface, leather, eisenglass, PVC, fiberglass, and plastics. In short, this tonneau cover protectant can be used on pretty much any surface.

This protectant protects against fading, cracking, and discoloration from harmful UV rays. The chemicals used in this tonneau cover protectant will also give you decent heat protection. 303 also repels dust and stains which helps to extend your cleaning cycle.

Applying 303 protectant spray is quite easy. Before applying the spray, you must clean and dry the surface you want to apply. You can spray directly onto the surface and then wipe dry with a clean microfiber. Spraying onto the microfiber and then wiping the surface is also applicable. If you spray too much you can use a wet towel to remove the excess.

This protectant is totally Rinse-free which ensures a non-greasy surface. It also leaves a dry matte finish. As this protectant is non-toxic, odorless, and water-based; you can use it inside your car or even house. It can last up to 45 days after applying.


  • Powerful UV protection
  • Lint, stains, and dirt repellant
  • Applicable on a variety of materials
  • No harmful silicone oils added
  • Non-toxic, odorless and Rinse free
  • Lasts about 30-45 days


  • Applying on clear plastic can make it foggy
  • Costs a little extra than some similar products

Verdict: It is a good, easy to apply, and long-lasting protectant for all types of truck bed cover. Although it costs a few dollars more than the competitors, it’s worth the money. It is our top pick as the overall best tonneau cover protectant. This tonneau cover protectant can ensure maximum protection to your truck cover.

2. TriNova UV Protectant Spray

For: Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Fiberglass, Leather & More
Prevents: Fading & Cracking from UV Damage
Restores: Color & Repels Dirt

TriNova UV protectant spray is one of the most popular protectants in the USA. TriNova is a company that produces various types of protectant sprays and gels along with various cleaning materials.

Chemicals like magnesium nitrate, magnesium chloride, silicone fluids, Di water, and some fragrance components are used in this protectant. After applying, this spray leaves a little scent, thanks to the fragrance components.

This spray is a powerful blend that creates a protective layer and helps counteract the damaging effects of UV rays. This spray can be applied on all types of vinyl covers, plastic, rubber, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and leather surfaces.

This protectant can give a good shine even on an old tonneau cover surface. Submerging into the water doesn’t wash away this protectant. So, it’s also usable in the rainy season.

TriNova spray is easy to apply. Before applying, the surface of your truck cover should be cleaned and dried. You can spray directly on the surface or spray on a micro-fiber and then apply. If there is any excess, you should wipe that with a clean fabric.

The UV blocking compounds can protect your tonneau cover from extended sun exposure. It can protect the applied surface from fading or cracking. TriNova UV protectant can hide old scratches and restore the previous color. This spray can give any surface a matte finish.


  • Easily applicable
  • Can be applied to various materials
  • Advanced UV protection
  • Can be used on boats and furniture
  • Residue-free


  • Some people don’t like the smell
  • The color looks a bit shiny

Verdict: A good protectant to keep your tonneau cover safe. The best part of this protectant is that the applied surface can be submerged into water. So, you can apply it without worrying about water. The price is also not too high. We choose this as the best UV protectant for any tonneau cover. UV protectant for any item.

3. Tyger Tonneau Cover Cleaner and Protectant (2-in-1 Spray)

For: Leather and Vinyl Surfaces
Repels: dirt, dust, and grease
long-lasting protection; Clean non-glossy finish

You may have heard this brand’s name. It’s a very popular brand for tonneau covers. Tyger Auto also makes various types of auto parts. This 2-in-1 spray is specialized for truck covers.

Tyger tonneau cover cleaner and protectant contain chemicals like magnesium nitrate, magnesium chloride, siloxane emulsion, 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one, lime oil terpenes, and Di water. It also contains various fragrance components like tangerine oil, linalyl acetate, diethyl phthalate, etc.

This US-made cleaner and protectant is specially formulated for leather and vinyl. It is applicable on all types of leather and vinyl surfaces, coated leather seats, convertible tops, and door panels. As it contains different fragrance chemicals, it spreads a beautiful scent.

Applying this protectant is very easy. You just need to spray it on the surface and wipe it down with microfiber to spread it well across the surface. Though Tyger Auto doesn’t instruct you to clean the surface before applying, we will suggest cleaning the surface. It will ensure a long-lasting experience. 

This protectant spray works best with leather and vinyl-made bed covers. Other than UV protection, it also helps to repel dirt, dust, and grease. It also removes small spots and stains on your tonneau cover. It will give you a clean and non-glossy finish with no residue. It will last about 30 days.


  • Easy to apply
  • Good UV protection
  • Leaves no residue
  • Nice smell
  • Doesn’t require cleaning the surface


  • Can’t be used on plastic or glass
  • The matte finish is a bit shiny

Verdict: A good and long-lasting cleaner and protectant. It can remove some small spots and stains. It works best on vinyl and leather surfaces. We selected this vinyl protectant as the best vinyl tonneau cover protectant.

4. Truxedo Pro-Tex

Repels: Cleans, Conditions, Protects And Extends The Life Of All Vinyl Tonal Covers

Truxedo is a popular company for its quality tonneau covers. This company only makes tonneau covers and some tonneau cover-related accessories. Pro-Tex protectant spray is its only product from this category.

Truxedo doesn’t provide any detail about its chemical composition. The only information we were able to collect is that it is water-based and doesn’t contain silicone. It is a non-toxic and non-flammable compound.

This protectant is usable on vinyl tonneau covers. Pro-Tex also works for tires, dash, trim, and convertible tops. This protectant can save your vinyl cover from fading and discoloration by providing good UV protection.

Pro-Tex is an easy-to-apply spray. You just spray it onto the surface of your vinyl tonneau cover or convertible top and wipe it with a soft microfiber cloth or towel. Let it dry and you will get a beautiful and new-like finish.

This spray can be used for cleaning your tonneau cover, tires, trim, or dash. It is a good cleaning spray. It removes all the dust and stains from the surface. This will clean, condition, protect and extend the life of all vinyl made covers. It dries pretty quickly and leaves no residue.


  • Applying is easy
  • Cleans very well
  • No residue
  • Dries pretty quick
  • Leaves a nice look


  • Only works on vinyl tonneau covers
  • Doesn’t last long like others

Verdict: As you have guessed by reading the review, this tonneau cover protectant is basically a good cleaner that also conditions the surface and protects the surface. Truxedo pro-tex protectant is made for only vinyl covers though.

If you want a good cleaner and decent protectant for your vinyl truck bed cover, you should choose this specialized protectant. This is the best protectant for any vinyl surface.

Best Tonneau Cover Protectant

Final Words

The mentioned protectants are the best tonneau cover protectant selected by us. We have selected these by considering their usability, applicable surfaces, chemical choices and user experiences. We think any of these will be fitted for any pickup truck owner.

The Tyger Tonneau cover cleaner and protectant is good for leather and vinyl covers. It is also a good cleaner. And, the Trinova UV protectant spray is the best option if you want the best protectant for UV and rain.

If you want our suggestion for any type of tonneau cover, buy the 303 UV protectant spray. It is undoubtedly the best tonneau cover protectant. If your tonneau cover is made out of vinyl, choose the Truxedo Pro-Tex protectant. It is one of the best tonneau cover cleaners which doubles as a vinyl protectant.

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