Can You Sleep Under A Tonneau Cover

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Last Updated on May 9, 2022

“Can you sleep under a tonneau cover?” If this question is roaming around your head, then you will be benefited from this article. And this question arises when someone goes out camping with their trucks and they don’t want to spend their night under the open sky. So let’s jump into the article to get an insight into this topic.

So let’s just give the direct answer to your question first. And the answer is yes, you can sleep under a tonneau cover.

What Tonneau Cover Can You Sleep Under?

Keeping certain things under consideration you can sleep under all types of the tonneau cover.

As we can live without air, we should keep an avenue through which air will enter. Otherwise, it will be impossible to sleep. Won’t it? So if you want to sleep under your tonneau cover and want air at the same time then you have to do some adjustments while setting.

A tonneau cover is a hard or soft cover that goes over the bed of the truck for better aerodynamics and protection of the cargo. They vary depending on styles and main materials.

Some of the tonneau covers are retractable and some can be folded. 

Fiberglass and aluminum are used for making the hardcovers and polyester, vinyl, and leather are used for soft covers.

On What Occasions Should You Sleep Under A Tonneau Cover?

In practice, a tonneau cover will be necessary if while traveling we become sleepy and cannot afford or do not have the resources to pay for a hotel room.

Another scenario is when one takes his truck camping. And either the property there is without tents or the tents on the property has become so compromised they are unusable or undesirable to sleep under. As a result, the only thing is to use the truck cover.  

These are the most common occasion or reasons for spending the night under a tonneau cover. but there are more occasions for this.

Are There Precautions I Need To Take If I Intend Sleeping Under My Bed Cover?

  • Of course, you have to take several precautions, you can’t just park anywhere and doze off. if you are planning on spending the night under your truck’s tonneau cover then the first thing to do is to look for a safe palace to park your car.
  • While searching for a safe place keep in mind that, it’s best not to park your car in a palace where you can be harmed by wildlife.
  • Don’t park your truck under a tree with a big branch. Branches can fall on you while you will be asleep and you can be harmed severely.
  • Do not camp in an area where there is a possibility to be attacked at the night or there is a chance of theft or robbery
  • Make sure that there is an appropriate amount of air ventilation in your tonneau cover.

Do I Have To Use A Pad Before I Can Sleep On The Bed Floor?

You will need to put a pad down before sleeping because the temperature becomes very cold at night and the metallic truck floor will be colder, so it will become very hard for you to sleep without a pad.

And if you sleep on the hard metallic truck floor then you will get a severe body ace the next morning. to avoid this, I think you should buy yourself a sleeping pad or an air mattress.

Where and how can you camp in a pick-up truck?

There are some well-maintained spots for camping in the USA. These spots are perfect for trucks, cars, and tents. You will have fire pits, tables, a water source, and electricity. It is recommended to call the local police station if you intend to camp in a certain area.

 If you live in nature, you can encounter disasters. Ensure that your truck is thoroughly cleaned before you depart. Access the smallest spots by removing accessories such as cargo bars and toolboxes. Additionally, you will ensure that there is enough room for the bed’s base.  

 Don’t throw objects and then forget about them. Place all dirty items in the garbage. The pickup can be swept or vacuumed each night before you retire to bed. Keeping a camping environment clean requires you to wash dishes and dispose of left-overs in a biodegradable dishwasher. This will keep the area clean and avoid attracting animals. 

As high as you can in a tree, hang your food. Your truck will remain safe and no animals will venture near it. Leftovers, such as chocolate bars, attract a lot of bugs. To dispose of leftovers and unnecessary toiletries, store them in steel boxes and use a bug-proof container.

 To keep mosquitoes and other critters at bay, bring biodegradable insect repellent. Be sure to keep your truck free of standing water. By doing so, you will prevent insects from taking up residence in your truck.

Is There Any System For Airflow?

The main hazard of sleeping under a tonneau cover is the airflow. And if you face this type of problem the only option is to improvise your setting.

Most of the tonneau cover available in the market is not designed in a way so that people can sleep under them if there is a need. so there remains this problem with airflow.

However, people do sleep under them and they improvised the setting for air ventilation and solved the problem on their own.

So one of the techniques to solve this air ventilation problem is to pull down the tonneau covers completely to let air in or leave the tailgate down. if you follow one of these techniques then air will find its way.

Can You Sleep Under A Tonneau Cover

Final thoughts

Take everything you need with you when you go camping in a pickup truck. Create a list of everything you need before you go… Pay attention to the weather as well. Even if the weather is warm, you should bring plenty of clothing and blankets because nighttime temperatures in these environments can be shockingly low.

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