Can You Use A Tonneau Cover With Rambox

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Last Updated on May 6, 2022

Ram pickups are the 2nd best-selling trucks in the USA in 2021. These days, Rambox is offered on pretty much all Ram models. As the Rambox fits inside the truck bed, many people doubt whether they can use a tonneau cover with the Rambox or not. We’ve prepared this article for you to answer the question, “can you use a tonneau cover with Rambox?”

Well, the answer is yes! You can use a tonneau cover with Rambox, but not the regular ones. You’ll have to install a tonneau cover that is made to use with a Rambox.

What Type of Tonneau Cover Should I use with Rambox?

A tonneau cover is one of the most used accessories for pickup trucks. A tonneau cover keeps our cargo and truck bed safe from any weather. It also provides security for our goods. So, you should buy a tonneau cover with the best build, security, and weather protection. 

Usually, hard-type tonneau covers are the best ones in terms of build, security, and weather protection. There are some good soft-type covers like the Tyger T3, if you need something simple and inexpensive.

Check our Recommended tonneau covers for Rambox, to pick the right tonneau cover for you.

Can You Use A Tonneau Cover With Rambox

Frequently Asked Questions

It is better to know all the factors about a product before making a purchase decision. Our goal is to help you by delivering all the necessary information you may need. That is why we have answered some FAQs about the Rambox.

What is a Rambox?

Rambox is a cargo management system that is built into the bed of a Ram truck. In simpler words, it’s like having a storage box on the side of your car which takes up a little space in your truck bed. A Rambox is very useful to store tools that you may need often.

Do I need a Rambox?

It’s not possible to say that you’ll definitely need a Rambox. As it offers a good space to store small and large things, it comes in handy very often. You can even fit large things like shovels, fishing rods, golf clubs, etc.

How Much space does it take?

As the Rambox is built into the truck bed, you’ll get a little narrower space. Only the areas around the wheel humps are filled in with the Rambox. The space between both wheels is the same.

How much storage do I get?

The space inside the Rambox depends on the bed size you choose for your truck. The bigger bed size (6’4”) will give you 8.6 cubic feet and the smaller bed size (5’7”) will give you 7.3 cubic feet of cargo space. That also means you will lose about the same amount of cargo space from your truck bed area.

Is Rambox water-resistant?

Yes, the shape and the build quality make it completely water-resistant. Rambox can keep your items dry and protected in any weather condition.

Which Ram trucks offer Rambox?

There are various models of Ram trucks on the market. Although most of them have the Rambox, not all the models are offered with Rambox. The models mentioned below come with a cargo management system:

  • Ram 1500 (Regular, Crew, and Quad cab)
  • Ram 2500 (Crew and Mega cab)
  • Ram 3500 (Crew and Mega cab)

Can I install a Rambox in my Ram truck?

You can install a third-party storage rack or box if you like, but it’s not possible to install a Rambox. If you really need a Rambox, you can swap the entire bed with Rambox installed bed. But, that’s a very hard and costly job.


Rambox is like having a secured and weather-proof storage box. It’ll reduce your cargo space just like any other storage box (if you keep one inside your truck bed). If the reduced space matters to you too much, you shouldn’t choose it. Otherwise, most truck owners will find it helpful in many ways.

If you want to use a tonneau cover with Rambox, you can install one. A good quality tonneau cover will be the best inclusion on your truck alongside the Rambox.

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