How To Make A Tonneau Cover – DIY

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

A tonneau is the loading area of your truck and a tonneau cover is a very useful thing for your truck bed. With enough skill and time, you can pull off some pretty impressive projects by yourself.  It is important to keep in mind any DIY (do-it-yourself) project will rarely save as much money as you think it will. Anyway read this article carefully and start constructing your tonneau cover. It will likely take a few hours for your tonneau cover to be ready. Most DIY tonneau covers are tough. A soft tonneau cover will likely require some sewing techniques and an industrial sewing machine. The easiest way is to choose a hard-style tonneau cover.

How To Make A Tonneau Cover - DIY(Do-It-Yourself)

Diy Hard Truck Bed Cover

Tools you’ll need to construct a tonneau cover:

  1. 6 pieces of 1X2” plywood (measurements may vary)
  2. 2 sheets of marine grade plywood (depending on the size of your truck bed)
  3. Vinyl Fabric or diamond plate aluminum (any of these)
  4. Drill and a variety of drill bits
  5. Table saw
  6. Screws
  7. Stapler
  8. Contact glue
  9. Piano hinge
  10. Paint (color of your own choice)

You can make a tonneau cover using these tools. If you follow these steps constructing a tonneau cover will be easier for you.

Step-1: Taking Measurements

Firstly, measure the width of the inside of the truck bed. Make sure you have the correct width in inches. Otherwise, it can make the entire cover unstable.

Form 2 frames with 1X2 panels to create a folding cover. If you’re not just making one big frame, make sure that they are the right size by trying them out on the truck bed.

Once they fit, attach one of the frames to the inside of the bed with contact glue for the flap cover. The other frame is for the part that folds up.

Step-2: Cutting Plywood

Next, start working on pieces of marine-grade plywood to create a cover that will lie over the frame. When the measurement is complete, you can start cutting the plywood. Be sure to shape the edges to match those on the truck.

Step-3: Attaching Plywood

Attach the plywood sheets to the frame. The shape and size of the plywood should match the loading area.

Step-4: Painting the Frames

You can now paint the frames to avoid moisture so that it lasts long. However, this is not required and you can skip this section.

Step-5: Installing the Cover

Then spread the glue on the plywood sheets. Wrap a vinyl cloth around the frame and make sure that no part remains loose. Use a stapler and attach the vinyl fabric to the backside. Now your tonneau cover is ready to install.

Step-6: Ready to Use

Attach the cover to the truck bed with screws and hinges. If necessary, put on a rubber seal to make it water-resistant. Tonneau cover making compelte.Now install your tonneau cover, and roll up cover installation is much easy.


A proper cover can make noticeable changes in your truck. A tonneau cover can provide your truck great protection against weather and other obstacles. The market price of a tonneau cover is slightly high than making. Following the above steps, you can construct your tonneau cover at home. If you face any difficulties constructing your cover you can leave a comment below for our assistance.

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