How Do You Haul A Kayak On A Truck With Tonneau Cover

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Last Updated on May 6, 2022

Are you planning on taking your kayak with your truck but need help carrying it ?? if yes, then this article will give you the solution to this problem. Now if you have roof racks on your truck, then you can haul your kayaks on the roof rack and enjoy your vacation.  But without a roof rack, it will be a problem to carry the kayak on your truck.

If you have a tonneau cover installed, then you can carry your kayak on the tonneau cover but you will have to be careful, otherwise, you will end up damaging both your kayak and tonneau cover. 

So let’s see how to haul a kayak on a tonneau cover properly.

What is the best way to haul a kayak with a truck tonneau cover?

There are multiple ways for hauling a kayak on a truck that has a tonneau cover. like :

  • You can use a kayak trailer for mounting your kayak over your tonneau cover.
  • Another way is to open the tailgate of the vehicle and transfer the kayak inside it.
  • Investing in a kayak rack for easy transporting.
How Do You Haul A Kayak On A Truck With Tonneau Cover

Keeping the tailgate open

Most people with tonneau covers keep their tailgate open for transporting kayaks to their kayaking destination.

You can keep your kayaks in place using this technique.

But there is a problem with this method, that is if you keep your tailgate open for keeping your kayaks, the possibility of losing things increases.

Without opening the tailgate 

Many tonneau covers have a three-fold or bi-fold design. While you can fold your kayak cover back and stow it at an angle that enables you to close your tailgate, this may not be possible with all covers.

Your kayak and other kayaking gear will be able to remain in the bed of your truck if you are successful. Keep your kayak in place with your tonneau cover, but don’t rely on it to do so.

It is not necessary to strap a kayak to the truck bed after you place it sideways on a tonneau cover if you are on a short trip.

With all the road bumps on the way, the kayak will eventually start moving around; therefore, it is best to strap the kayak to the truck bed to prevent it from moving.

Kayak trailer

If you like to go straight and avoid complications, then you should use a kayak trailer for transporting your kayaks.

This method will help you keep your tonneau cover from any type of damage. But it may take a little bit of time than others

This technique for carrying the kayaks may be a straightforward method but it’s not fail-safe. You have to be very careful while driving and look for road bumps if you driving with a kayak trailer.

Using kayak racks

You can also invest in a kayak rack. you can transport your kayaks on your tonneau cover 

securely with a kayak rack. 

Nowadays the kayak racks are made compatible with carrying in a vehicle. so you can transport kayaks that are of standard size with the help of these racks. and they are available online and in local stores.

And the good news is, that these kayak racks for tonneau cover are very easy to install and remove.

The three-part formula 

To apply this formula, you need these three tools

  • Lightweight aluminum tonneau cover (retractable)
  • A bed extender
  • Racks mounted on the rails of the truck that are compact and low, which complement the tonneau cover

Aluminum tonneau covers shrink into a small canister that is installed inside when they’re not in use. The mechanism behind this is very simple

Pushing the truck can be done in two ways, either from behind or from the side.

The bar of the railing can be locked in any way you want. these rails are a little bit taller than the bed of the truck, maybe a few inches 

The rest of the job is done by the bed extender. Now put the kayaks on the racks and start your journey


So installing a tonneau cover on your truck is very important and also considered to be a good investment. If you want to haul your kayak on your tonneau cover then you can choose from one of the techniques above. If you do, please let us know your experience by commenting below.

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