How to Install A Roll Up Tonneau Cover

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

what a roll-up tonneau cover is? A roll-up tonneau cover protects your truck and it rolls up on itself so you can access your truck bed as much as you want without exposing the whole part of the bed. A roll-up tonneau cover protects your truck bed from elements that can damage the valuable belongings you are carrying and increases fuel efficiency. It enhances the external appearance of your truck. Seems interesting? Yes, it is. We fission auto will help you install it at home.

How to Install A Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Now, let’s have a look at the installation process step by step.

A roll-up tonneau cover is made from aluminum-reinforced polycarbonate material. If you closely look at roll up and tri-fold, their material basically the same, but installing tri fold tonneau cover is not same. Roll Up cover comes in both hard and soft options. A soft roll-up tonneau cover gives you a low-profile appearance, while a hard type gives you more security.

Installing a roll-up tonneau cover is a simple task. The majority of roll-up covers on the market come with everything needed for quick and easy installation. For some models of trucks, no tools are needed to install this type of cover.


To get started, remove the cover, side rails, cab, and remove tail rails, arches, clamps, and accessories from packaging and place them on a smooth surface that gives you plenty of space to work.

You are now ready to install the cover.


Step-1: Cleaning the area of the truck bed

Before starting the installation, you need to put on the tailgate seal. The way you do that is to build your alcohol prep pad and clean the area where it’s going to be. It will reduce the possibility of the cover coming off on you.

Step-2: Taking Measurements

Measure the distance with the tailgate seal to get an idea about how long you need it. Then cut through a scissor or a razor blade and attach it.

Step-3: Remove and Re-insertion

Start removing one corner from the cab rail and then feeding the tarp dowel into the cab rail. When finished, re-insert and lock the corner piece back into the cab rail.

Step-4: Rolling and Attaching the cover

Next, roll up the cover and secure it with the attached Velcro straps.

Step-5: Attaching the side rail

Now, it’s time to lay out all of the frame rails on an open flat surface. Attach the side rails to the cab end rails using the spring-loaded corners.

Step-6: Placement of the frame

For the next step, you may want to grab a buddy because you’ll need to place the entire assembled frame over the bed with the rail set in place, you can now install the clamps attach the upper portion of the clamps to the rail. Then add the u-shaped portion of the clamp underneath the bed rail and attach it to the side rail clamp with an Allen bolt. Use the included Allen wrench to tighten.

Repeat the above steps for all of the clamps for most short bed applications, you’ll have three clamps long bed truck covers will come with four clamps.

Step-7: Finalize installation

Now you are ready for the bows to be labelled with their intended location. You can insert the bows into the top or bottom peg on the side rails depending on your preference. The top peg is often the choice for performance, while the bottom peg is usually the desired option for enhanced loads.

Now you can unroll the cover and snap it into place starting at the corner.

Remember, some tonneau cover comes with weather adjustable snaps. You can orient them with the studs down to accommodate additional tarp slack during the warm summer months or place the snaps with the studs up for the cold winter months.

These are the steps you need to follow for a successful roll-up tonneau cover installation. It will take 30 – 40 minutes for the installation to be completed.

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