How To Install BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover

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Last Updated on May 2, 2022

BAKFlip MX4 is a hard folding tonneau cover that comes with premium matt black finish and durable aluminum panels. Now, you may be thinking about how to install BAKFlip MX4, aren’t you? Don’t worry we are going to discuss the whole installation in this article. The installation is easier as anyone can install it by reading this article thoroughly. Firstly, lets discuss what comes with the packaging when you order the tonneau cover.

What comes with the packaging?

  • Step-by-step installation guide.
  • C clamps for mounting the rails.
  • The prop rods.
  • The drain hoses.
  • The bulkhead seals
  • The cab bumpers.
  • The buckles for the straps.
  • Mounting bolts for the front of the cover and
  • The rails.

If you have a longer pickup truck six and a half or eight foot, the rails will likely come in a separate box.

How To Install BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover

To install MX4 all that’s required are simple tools which are stated below:

  • A 9/16 wrench.
  • A Philips head screwdriver.
  • A set of scissors or utility knife to turn the bulkhead seal.
  • A set of channel locks to hold the rail.
  • A drill.
  • A 3/4 tall bulkhead seal with a white protective film. If your truck has a plastic bed liner that wraps over the bulkhead this is not necessary.


Before installing your MX4 tonneau cover you will find that there are two sides of a truck. Driver’s side and passenger’s side.

  • Firstly, put one of the rails on passenger’s side keeping the silver slotted bracket to the front that facing the center of the bed. Using the pair of channel locks hold the two rails join together while install the C clamps. The first C clamp will go in the middle tightening by hands for now. Attach the other clamp in front side in the same way. You will be required about ¾ of a turn from when the wrench starts to grab to fit these clamps properly. For longer trucks you may need to attach one more clamp to fit the rail more accurately. If you don’t add one more clamp the rail may be slightly lifted from the truck body.
  • After successful installation of the rail on passenger’s side put the other rail on driver’s side following the same procedure. Then rest the MX4 tonneau cover on the rails and press down simply. The front hinge panel is going to fold out.
  • Now, install the buckle on the front of the cover. There’s a Philips screw that goes through the top one on each side those are going to pass through the two holes that are pre-drilled in the front of the cover. The opening of the cover is going to face the tailgate and then the threaded post is going to go in from the opposite site underneath. Tighten that using Philip head screwdriver. Finish off the same for the other side.
  • Now, you’re ready to mount the cover to the rails in the front. You’ll find a large elevator bolt that has a large flat top which is going to go through the hole in the front of the cover and through the slotted bracket in the rail underneath. Then attach the rubber washer, the steal washer, the lock washer and finally the star knob. Attach the knob loosely underneath and square up the cover in the opening.
  • You’re going to fold the cover down into the opening and be careful that the side seal drops squarely in the rails and when you get to the back the half-inch thick panel is going to drop in just inside the tailgate with roughly 1/8 to ¼ inch of gap. If it fits properly, its time to tighten it down.
  • You’re now about to install protective cab bumpers onto the panel of the back flip that leans forward against the cab. Leave about three fingers roughly three inches from the side and apply it to the very top edge of the panel. If your truck has a slider window in the middle and if the back foot came up and dropped into that opening then you need to put the cab bumpers on each side splitting it in two so that it prevents any direct contact.
  • Now, install the prop rods. There’s a swivel ball mount already on the rail, rod clips on a little retainer clip on the rail and then the slide lock. Finish the other side following the same procedure.
  • In order to install the drain hoses, you’re going to attach them in front of the cover. Remove the plastic plug in the front of the bed and drill a hole of 7/8 of an inch for the drain tube. Now, route the drain hose by putting it through the plug and the bed. Finally, the installation is completed.


Tonneau cover is an essential element for your truck and BAKFlip offers you a heavy-duty, all season truck bed which can perform in extreme condition. We discussed the whole installation process and you should be able to install it by yourself at home. If you face any problem installing the cover let us know by commenting below. We’re here to help. Thanks for staying with us and happy installation.

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