How To Install A Tyger Tonneau Cover

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Last Updated on April 21, 2022

If you are wondering about how to install a Tyger tonneau cover then you are at the right place. We are going to discuss the full installation process for you. Tyger tonneau covers are easy to install as they can be installed within minutes into your truck. The interesting thing about Tyger tonneau covers is that they provide No-Tool installation which you will see in the next part of the article.

Tyger tonneau covers are manufactured by Tyger Auto. They bring innovative aftermarket parts such as tonneau covers, gears, and other off-road accessories to the market which offer durability, functionality, and style.

There are three different types of Tyger tonneau cover which are stated below:

  • TYGER T1 (Soft Roll-Up)
  • TYGER T3 (Soft Tri-Fold)
  • TYGER T5 (Alloy Tri-Fold)

The installation takes a couple of minutes to install for every model of the Tyger tonneau covers. Now, let’s see the full installation process.

How To Install A Tyger Tonneau Cover


TYGER T1 is a soft roll-up tonneau cover that offers you a variety of benefits. A T1 tonneau cover provides not only durability but also protection for your truck as well as it is highly accessible and versatile. The T1 tonneau cover comes with the packaging including cargo management system brackets (based on truck model), aircraft-grade aluminum side rails, weather seal strip (based on truck model), tonneau cover, and stainless-steel mounting clamps.

What will you need for the installation?

You will need the following tools to install your tonneau cover into your truck.

  • Ratchet Wrench
  • 10mm Socket
  • Philips-head screwdriver

Installation Procedure

  • Firstly, roll the cover completely and put it over the bed on the bulkhead against the cab towards the tailgate.
  • Attach the side rails in the right position. It is very important for a proper installation and fitment. Make sure that the inner edge of the side rail lines up with the inner edge of the truck bed rail.
  • Place the side rails evenly so that the distance between the rear end of the side rail to the tailgate is the same on both sides.
  • When attached to the side rails it is okay to leave them loose because we will tighten them later.
  • Now, attach the clamps directly to the metal part of the bed rail. You may need to cut a small hole in the bed liner for the clamps especially for the type of bed liners that are over the bed rail.
  • Make sure that the ends of the crossbars are resting on the side rails as you rolling the cover down.
  • Once your cover is rolled out flat, you need to make sure the crossbars are arched upward to avoid the pooling of water.
  • The side rail position is important in order to close the cover. Make sure that the locking clip and the side rail are no further than 1/16 of an inch apart. If the cover can’t be latched try moving the side rails outward and if the cover doesn’t stay latched try moving the side rails inward.
  • Gently pull down both sides of the cover and press along the edges to secure the Velcro.
  • Push down on the end of the cover and pull the cable on either side to unlatch.
  • The Velcro is used as a guide to roll the cover up straight. Make sure the cover is free of any debris before rolling it up. Use safety straps when the cover is rolled up and the vehicle is in motion.
  • A tension control system is located towards the end of the side rails on both sides. It can be used to adjust the tightness depending on the weather condition. If the cover is too tight, move the tension plate away from the tailgate to loosen the cover and if the cover is too loose, move the tension plate towards the tailgate to tighten. The tension system can also be adjusted back and forth if you have trouble latching down the cover.
  • Close the tailgate and the installation is done.


TYGER T3 is a soft tri-fold tonneau cover that offers increased structural strength and durability. A T3 tonneau cover is a perfect solution to cover your truck bed with style and it only takes a few minutes to install. This cover comes completely assembled which means you need No-Tool for installation. Let’s see the installation process.

Installation Procedure

  • Firstly, check if the truck’s front bed rail or tailgate is lower than the sides. Use the provided weather seal strips to fill the gap (if any) because gaps on the front bed or tailgate will cause noise and flapping issues while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Now, place the assembled cover on the bulkhead against the cab. Unbuckle the safety strap and unfold the cover completely towards the tailgate.
  • Make sure the cover is aligned on all sides then fold the cover carefully to the cab without moving its position.
  • Now, pull down the front clamp then hook the clamp’s job portion onto the metal bed rail lip and turn the knob until the side Q seal is compressed for a snug fit.
  • The position of the clamps has been preassembled for optimal fitment on your vehicle. If needed release the top Philips-head screw and then the clamp can be relocated to any of the three horizontal positions.
  • Next, install the two front safety clamps for additional security.
  • Unfold the cover completely towards the tailgate and pull down the rear clamps then hook on to the bed rail lip to ensure a snug fit.
  • Now, close the tailgate to complete the installation.

Followings are some important issues to be considered.

  • If you need to access the truck bed, open the tailgate and pull the two handles up to release the rear clamps. Fold the cover over once and then secure the rear clamps to the side with the job portion facing down.
  • When the vehicle is in motion safety straps must be buckled if the cover is folded to the cap or if the cover is closed all six clamps must be securely attached to the truck.


TYGER T5 is an alloy tri-fold cover made from powder-coated aircraft-grade alloy metal sheets. It is a hard tri-fold tonneau cover. This cover comes with everything preassembled and supports No-Tool installation.

Installation Procedure

The installation procedure for Tyger T5 is almost the same as T3. The installation can be done by following the three easy steps.

  • Place the cover over the bed on the bulkhead against the cab and install the front clamps.
  • Now, unfold the cover completely and install the rear clamps.
  • Close the tailgate and it’s done.

That’s how you can install any of these tonneau covers from Tyger Auto. They’re quite easy to install as you already know!


Tyger tonneau covers not only ease the installation process but also it is stylish to look at. Tyger tonneau covers increase the overall gas mileage by around 10-13% of your truck. So, it can be a great option to choose if you want a durable, functional, and versatile tonneau cover for your truck bed. We discussed the whole installation process. You should be able to install your Tyger tonneau cover now. If you have any questions or need any help just leave us a comment below for our assistance.

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