How To Make Your Truck Bed Dust Proof

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Last Updated on May 6, 2022

Have you ever found your truck bed covered with dust even if it was just in your garage? No? What about after a small trip? Yes, this is the most common problem people face very often. Well, we have the solution to that problem. You can make your truck bed dustproof by yourself. In this “Do It Yourself” article, we will describe how to dustproof truck beds using easily accessible accessories. So, stay with us and read the full article.

You may think that it’s an easy job. Installing a tonneau cover will solve the problem. Technically, you aren’t wrong. Installing a tonneau cover will prevent most of the dust from getting inside the truck bed. But it’ll not make your truck bed dustproof. Installing a tonneau cover is the first step in making your truck bed dustproof. If you have a tonneau cover or have decided to install one, you’re one step ahead to making your truck bed dustproof.

How To Make Your Truck Bed Dust Proof

How to choose a tonneau cover:

Choosing a tonneau cover isn’t that hard. If you know the truck model and the bed size of your truck, it’ll take a few seconds to order one online. Various companies and brands make various types of tonneau covers. Make sure the followings before buying a tonneau cover.

  • You should know your truck’s model and bed size. Sometimes, there are some changes in design within the same model. So, knowing the released year is better.
  • It’s very likely that you know your truck’s bed size already. If not, measure it right away.

*If you don’t know how to measure for a tonneau cover, don’t worry. You can easily measure it with a measuring tape. Just measure the length (from the bulkhead to the tailgate) of your truck bed. Usually, truck beds are measured in feet and inches. While buying a tonneau cover, choose the size closest to your measurement.

  • Now you can choose a tonneau cover according to your necessity.

*For weatherproofing, hard tonneau covers are better than soft ones.

What should you look for in a tonneau cover?

In simple words, you should look for the best with as many features as possible. But first, you should look for the basic things like:

  • Good build quality and good materials to ensure durability.
  • It should have an easier installation process (to do it yourself).
  • It should secure your truck bed well.
  • It should provide good protection against the weather. Better weatherproof means more sealed and that means less dust will go inside your truck’s bed.

After ensuring these things, you can look for other features you’ll need from your tonneau cover. You should look for features like UV resistance, highest bed access, easier locking and unlocking capabilities, etc.

How to make the truck bed dustproof

There are various tonneau covers from different manufacturers. Different tonneau covers have different installation processes. We aren’t going to talk about any installation process in this article. To make your truck bed dustproof, here are some things you should keep in mind when you are installing a tonneau cover.

If you need help with the installation process, you can check out our article about tonneau cover installation.

  • Try to follow the installation guide that comes with the product. Usually, that’s the best one.
  • If there are no weatherstrips provided in the box, buy and use a weatherstrip in the bulkhead to seal better. If possible, use weatherstrips under the side rails to ensure a snug fit.
  • Tighten all the clamps/bolts/screws on the tonneau cover.
  • Try to make the fit tonneau cover as perfectly as possible. This way it’ll ensure the maximum sealant.
  • If necessary, use a weatherstrip over the tailgate.
  • A bed rug or mat can help you to seal better on the tailgate hinge. If you don’t want a bed mat or rug, you can use a tailgate gasket to ensure maximum sealing.
Tailgate Gasket/Seal
Tailgate Gasket/Seal

By following these instructions you’ll get the best possible sealing against not only dust but also water. In fact, this sealing will ensure the best protection against any weather. After installing a tonneau cover like this, you’ll be able to keep dust out of your tonneau cover. Let us know if you were able to make your truck bed dustproof. If you face any problem or don’t understand anything. Helping you with automotive is our primary target.

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