How To Repair Fiberglass Tonneau Cover And Repaint It

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Last Updated on May 2, 2022

Fiberglass is also known as Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is thin fibers of polymer woven with strands of glass together. It is used in consumer and industrial products like airplanes, automobiles, showers, and insulation. A fiberglass tonneau cover is a strong but lightweight than other hard covers, fiberglass tonneau covers look modern and sleek also. It doesn’t save gas, however.

There can be situations come when your fiberglass tonneau cover can get cracks, scratches, gouges for using it too long and you might want to repair or repaint your fiberglass tonneau cover to make it look new again.

Now, the question is Can a fiberglass tonneau cover be repaired? The answer is YES.

How To Repair Fiberglass Tonneau Cover And Repaint It

This article will help you if you need to repair or repaint your fiberglass tonneau cover. We will discuss how to deal with such a situation. You will be able to repair or repaint your fiberglass tonneau cover at home after reading this article.

What do you need?

  • A Drill Machine
  • Rotary Blade
  • Epoxy Resin
  • A rag
  • 320 Velcro Disk
  • Soap or any other car cleaning solution
  • Water hose pipe
  • Spray paint (of your choice)


You should wear a face mask while working with fiberglass otherwise you may face breathing problems because of glass particles. It is also recommended that you wear gloves so that you don’t cut your fingers because of the strands of glass. Now, let’s see how to repair a fiberglass tonneau cover if it gets any crack on the surface.

Fiberglass Tonneau Cover Repair

  • Firstly, remove the cover from your truck and place it somewhere so that you can access every part of the cover by each side.
  • Now, using a drill machine create a tiny hole at both ends of the crack to stop it from extending further.
  • Check if the crack is small widen the crack using a rotary blade so that the crack can be filled with epoxy resin.
  • Using a dry rag, wipe the crack and make sure that it becomes clean and dry.
  • Now using a plastic applicator fill the crack with the epoxy resin and make sure that the crack is filled.
  • Leave it as it is and let it dry for the whole day. After the area gets dry use sandpaper to smooth the surface of the cover.
  • If the repaired area is noticeable, it can be fixed by applying colored gel-coat enamel over the area.

Now, let’s see the procedure of repainting fiberglass tonneau cover if there is no crack on the surface. If there is any crack, follow the previous procedure first then start painting the cover by following the procedure discussed below.

Fiberglass Tonneau Cover Repaint

  • The first thing to do is to remove the cover from the truck and find an open place where you can proceed to the painting process comfortably.
  • Wash and clean the tonneau cover by spraying water with a hose pipe to wipe loose debris or sticky dirt from the surface of the cover. You can use either soap or any other car washing solution of your preference.
  • Now, peel the manufacturer’s sticker off and unscrew the handle from the cover.
  • Using the 320 Velcro pad, sand the whole surface of the cover completely.
  • If there is any crack on the surface then you should follow the repairing steps for the cracks.
  • After sanding the whole part of the cover clean the cover perfectly before start painting.
  • Now, start painting with spray paint and create a coating layer. Continue creating layers until the cover becomes glossy.
  • Let the paint dry for the next four to five hours after that your cover is ready to attach with the truck again.

That’s how you can repaint your tonneau cover if it is appealing off or looking old.


A tonneau cover makes your truck visually attractive, save gas and many more. So, if the cover doesn’t look fresh or visually attractive it won’t look good with your truck. But you can get rid of this situation by repairing or repainting your tonneau cover. If you find any difficulties doing the process let us know by leaving a comment below for our assistance.

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