How To Replace Tonneau Cover Straps

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Last Updated on April 21, 2022

Tonneau cover straps are used to secure the tonneau cover to the bed rail it’s installed on. It ensures a secure fit between the tonneau cover and the bed rail, allowing the tonneau cover to be easily removed from the bed rail.

If the tonneau cover strap were cut or damaged, you would need to replace it. It might be confusing for you to figure out how to solve that problem! Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. you can easily replace your tonneau cover strap at home. The various repairs of tonneau covers can also be done at home. You will need some tools and equipment to replace tonneau cover straps.

How To Replace Tonneau Cover Straps

Tools & Equipment

  • Vacuum
  • Drill Bit
  • Hydraulic Rivet Nut Tool, or Equivalent

Before starting the replacement process, make sure that you have every tool with you to finish your work without interruption.

Procedure to Replace Tonneau Cover Straps:

  • Firstly, you will have to fully open the tonneau cover.
  • Now, using a drill bit, remove the existing rivet head. Use a pair of pliers if the rivet head spins.
  • Then, using the same drill bit remove the existing rivet sleeve. A larger hole is required for the new rivet and this will help to create a larger hole.
  • From the hinge base remove the cap located in the end.
  • Clean the leftover metal shards and rivet remains on top and inside of the hinge base using vacuum. Make sure there are no metal shards left.
  • Install the new tonneau cover buckle and rivet. There will be buckles looking at the front of the car and the shell will be click button front-facing.
  • Before installing the rivet make sure that the buckle is facing towards instructed direction. The buckle can’t be rotated once installed. A new buckle and rivet will be necessary, if it is installed incorrectly.
  • Now, the buckle should be securely inserted into the tonneau cover and the snap button on the buckle can be attached to the cover.
  • For the other side repeat the above steps carefully.
  • Both the hinge and the end caps should be reinstalled.

This is how you can replace your tonneau cover straps at home.


To ensure your tonneau cover lasts longer than usual, you must clean and care for it regularly. A tonneau cover strap can tear or cut by some means and you can replace your tonneau cover strap by following the above process. Happy replacement. For more assistance, leave us a comment below.

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