Roll N Lock Bed Cover Problems and Solutions

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Last Updated on May 21, 2022

Roll N Lock tonneau covers are currently at the peak of their popularity due to their attractive design and ease of use. It has provided many convenient features so that a lot of truck owners choose bed covers made by this brand.

Everyone wants to know about a product’s advantages and disadvantages before buying it. Here we are going to discuss the Roll N Lock Bed Cover’s problems and solutions.

Roll N Lock Bed Cover Problems and Solutions

The cover does not stay locked and closed

If you read the Roll N Lock bed cover’s details, you’ll notice that it has many locks for further security. But surprisingly, several consumers have complained about the cover for its inability to latch and close.


Due to a malfunctioning locking system, the Roll N Lock bed cover may open automatically. Even heavy use might harm the mechanism.

This could be the fault of the operator who may have accidentally damaged the machine during the operation.


It’s a good idea to check whether the bed cover may or may not be defective after it’s installed by the dealer.  If locks or latches cause the problem, the problem can be resolved by changing these parts.

Take the bed cover to the dealer and check it to see whether the rails are misaligned. They’ll replace the rails to ensure that the bedsheets are secure.


According to the manufacturers, Roll N Lock bed covers are water-resistant. Though this is true, water enters into the cover.

Some users have complained that their Roll N Lock tonneau cover leaks in various situations. It may be on both the back and front sides.


According to the structure of this bed cover, it has a gap that water may enter during car wash or rain.


In this situation, you do not have many ways to stop the water leakage except to be careful when carrying cargo especially delicate cargo during rainy weather.

Damage occurs during delivery

This is one of the most common issues with the Roll N Lock bed cover. Of course, the manufacturer ensures that each Roll N Lock bed cover arrives in good condition. However, after opening it for installation, some consumers detect some kind of damage.


There is nothing more you can do to pray to avoid the problems mentioned above. Furthermore, you can ask the dealer to pack properly to avoid such incidents.

Gets Stuck while Retracting 

Another problem with roll n lock bed covers is that get stuck when retracting. This cover becomes so stuck that the user must push it away rather than retract it.


For different reasons, your bed cover may become stuck. For example, Something might obstruct the cover’s path along the rails.


Check the tonneau cover if any kind of junk that is preventing it from moving. Lubricant can be applied to the car’s end where the bed cover slides into. Contact the dealer to see if it’s their problem if the tonneau cover becomes stuck after installation.

Our final opinion

After reading this article you should have a better understanding of the Roll n Lock bed cover’s major problems and its solutions. These bed covers have more beneficial features than problems.

All the problems mentioned above aren’t manufacturing defects. You can face these types of problems with any kind of product. All these problems can be solved with a quick fix.

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