What Is A Hard Tonneau Cover

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Last Updated on April 21, 2022

A tonneau cover is used to protect the cargo and elements you carry in your truck bed from bad weather and potential thieves. It protects your cargo from rain, snow, wind, and sunlight. Typically, a soft tonneau cover is made of vinyl fabric and a hard tonneau cover is made of aluminum, polypropylene, or fiberglass. That’s why hard tonneau covers are physically strong and more secure than soft tonneau covers. You can even load your ATV on some hard tonneau covers.

In general, there are three types of hard tonneau covers: folding, roll-up, and retractable. We will talk about the hard type of tonneau covers in this article and which one is better for your truck. Hard tonneau covers are usually higher in price than soft tonneau covers. Prices may vary for different models because each comes in different versions to fit your specific truck bed model.

What Is A Hard Tonneau Cover

Roll-ups and folding hardcovers are the two most popular kinds of hardcovers. Now, let us discuss their differences and suggest you a better tonneau cover for your truck. If you want to buy a hard tonneau cover for your f150, check our review top hard folding tonneau cover for f150

Differences Between Folding and Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

A roll-up tonneau cover fits either on top of the bed or inside the edges, whether a folding tonneau cover fits on top of the bed, which covers all the stake pocket holes. Stake pocket holes are holes created by manufacturers when packaging the cover. Both of the tonneau covers are installed on rails which are attached with clamps to the bed. The whole installation process will take a maximum of 20 minutes for either style of the cover.

Now, let’s discuss how to use these covers in your truck.

How to use a Folding Tonneau Cover?

A folding tonneau cover folds into three or four places. Folding tonneau covers use built-in clamps and rails for the installation. To see the whole installation process [tri-fold install]. For everyday use, folding tonneau covers are easy to use in most situations. If you want to detach your cover from the truck, you will have to unlatch the cover at the tailgate and fold it towards the cab and then unlatch the cover from the bed. After this, pick up the cover and store it somewhere safe. When you need to re-use the cover, put it back near the cab, unfold it towards the tailgate and attach it using clamps.

How to use a Roll-Up Tonneau Cover?

You will need some clamps for the installation of the cover. You can see the whole installation process [roll up install]. If you need to use the truck bed open, you will need to unlatch the cover near the tailgate and roll the cover towards the cab. Secure the cover at the cab with the built-in Velcro straps. Now, the truck bed is open. If you need to use the cover again, unroll the cover back over the bed towards the tailgate, then attach the clamps and seal it with the Velcro straps.

What is Better for Tonneau Cover Trifold or Rollup

After reading the above part of the article, you must be thinking about which tonneau cover is a better option. If you need to keep your cargo safe and use the whole part of the bed, go for a roll-up tonneau cover. It’s easier to use than a folding tonneau cover. On the other hand, if you need to secure the cargo under the cover and don’t need to access the whole bed, go for a folding tonneau cover because it allows you to access a part of the bed.


A tonneau cover provides great value. It’s important to choose the right tonneau cover for your daily use. If your tonneau covers loose at night or slide back and forth. You will need bed rails to secure the tonneau cover in place. We hope this article will help you to choose the best option for your truck. If you have any questions, leave a comment below for our assistance.

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