What Is Better Soft Or Hard Tonneau Cover

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Last Updated on May 6, 2022

Snow, rain, and other environmental factors can’t damage objects under the tonneau of a pickup truck. 

However, they aren’t all the same. Depending on the size, structure, and other features, there can be several different types of tonneau covers. Hard and soft are the two categories most people divide them into. Hard Tonneau Covers and Soft Tonneau Covers compete against each other, but which one is better? Let’s clear the air!

What Is Better Soft Or Hard Tonneau Cover

What Is a Hard Tonneau Cover?

A hinged type tonneau cover is typically the type that comes with a folding design. Their joints are in the shape of a lid. They act almost as hinged bulkheads on beds.

Generally, hard tonneau covers are made from fiberglass or aluminum, or polypropylene. These materials are known for their strength.

The process of cutting or prying into them requires significant energy. They are heavy-duty, so they are difficult to use.

It is also because of this sturdiness that hard tonneau covers hold cargoes so reliably. Nobody can open this cover no matter how hard they try.

It can be kept locked to further secure the items inside! So if you prefer security and strength, then a hard tonneau cover is highly recommended for you.

Advantages of Hard Tonneau Covers

So let’s discuss the advantages you will get from a hard tonneau cover


Anything stored beneath hard tonneau covers is better protected from theft. The locking system they provide will keep your items safe from malicious third parties easily and conveniently.

The lock cannot be opened by anyone without the key. In this way, you can ensure its protection by restricting access to authorized personnel only. By keeping the objects preserved safe and secure, it works almost like a vault.


These covers are made of durable material, as mentioned earlier. They are sturdy and can carry a lot of weight. It also give your vehicle a rugged look.

Customized Finish

The perfect appearance of these covers makes them well known. You can paint it however you like since they give you the option.

These covers are distinguished by their custom finishing, which is what makes them high-end options. You can’t help but notice how smooth it looks, which will draw passers-by’s attention

What Are Soft Tonneau Covers?

The main feature of soft tonneau covers is their maneuverability. Their roll-up structure gives them the quality of maneuvering easily.

The main material of these soft tonneau covers is vinyl. The flexible property of vinyl makes the covers rigid. There is a stronger aluminum frame which keeps the softer part affirmed.

Some soft tonneau covers also come with a different system than roll-up for opening and closing. This system is called snap system. But complication in installment makes them quite unpopular.

Advantages of Soft Tonneau Covers

Soft tonneau covers are well known for their flexibility and simple use. Let’s take a look at the advantages that you will get if you go for a soft tonneau cover

Easy use 

The use of a soft tonneau cover is not complicated at all. I mean zero complication. Just roll them up according to your need.

If you are going to use your tonneau covers for loading and unloading cargo, then soft tonneau covers will give you the most comfort. and the reason for this is, that the light weight of the cover makes them appropriate for quick loading and unloading.

The manufacturers are adding some technology to the soft tonneau covers nowadays. You can now remove the cover just by pressing a button.


These simple soft covers will add value to your money. So you can get yourself a nice-looking and secure enough soft tonneau cover at a very reasonable price.


They will fit easily with your truck. You won’t have to put extra effort into a nice fitting. The soft tonneau cover will cover the whole space. So you will get good protection from environmental factors like snow and rain

Bottom Line – Which One is For You?

Your needs and preferences determine what you choose. For carrying products, a hard and soft tonneau covers both offer numerous benefits

Hard tonneau covers are the best choice if security is your main concern. You can also customize your truck more with these tonneau covers, making it stand out from others.

Soft covers, however, are much more popular for their low price and regular cargo handling. On a snowy or stormy day, they can be difficult to operate

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