What Size Tonneau Cover Do I Need?

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Last Updated on May 2, 2022

People use tonneau cover to protect their truck bed and the cargo they are carrying. If the cover doesn’t fit well then it will not be able to do the job. That is why you should know the measurement and buy the right size tonneau cover for your truck bed.

What Size Tonneau Cover Do I Need

Measuring a truck bed isn’t as hard as the measurement of a suite. You may think that you can find the information online by searching your truck’s model, but it’s better to measure yourself to eliminate any confusion. On the other hand, most manufacturers offer two or more bed sizes for each truck model. Even with different cab sizes, you may get different bed sizes. Like the Nissan Titan has different bed sizes for their ‘crew cab’ and ‘king cab’ options. So, it is recommended to measure your truck bed before buying your tonneau cover.

If you are ready to buy a tonneau cover or even think to buy one, we will help you know how to measure and choose the right sized one. And remember large size tonneau cover is going to cost more, Different types of tonneau cover cost different and you can also homemade a tonneau cover following some steps.

How to measure truck bed for tonneau cover?

All you need is a measuring tape to measure the truck bed. Typically, there are a few length options for most of the trucks. The length sizes vary for at least 1-2 feet. So, you don’t need to worry about exact measurements. You are good to go if your measurement is close to the offered bed lengths. For example, if you find that your bed size is 77 or 80 inches, you will buy a cover that will be 6 feet and 7 inches (79 inches) either way.

Measuring the length:

You can measure the length by following a few steps. For some truck models, this is the only thing you will need.

  1. You have to lay down the tailgate first and then stand at the end of the truck.
  2. Hold the measuring tape in the middle of the truck bed.
  3. Measure the length from the bulkhead to the end of the truck bed (where the tailgate begins).

Note: The measurement should be in feet, not in inches. If your measuring tape doesn’t indicate feet, divide the inches by 12.

Now you can choose a tonneau cover of your choice. You will get a few length options to choose from. Just pick the closest one to the measurement you did.

Some Important Factors

Though the length is the only important thing necessary for some truck beds, you should know some other factors.

If your truck has RamBox: 

Rambox takes some space from your truck bed. So, if you have one, you should choose a tonneau cover that offers RamBox options.

If you have a cargo management system:

Some people love cargo management systems. It is a very useful thing for some truck owners. If you have a cargo management system installed in your truck then you will have to choose a cover that offers that option.

If you have a Deck Rail system:

These are metal tie-down points. Rail systems in trucks are very helpful to tie down cargo items. If you have the system, you have to choose a cover designed for that.

If you have a stepside system:

Nowadays, a step-side truck bed is very rare. It was very popular a few years ago. Stepside truck bed has a lot less space than a regular one. So, choose a cover according to your truck bed design.

If you have a bed liner:

Truck bed liners are used to protect the truck bed. If you have a bed liner, you might need to cut the liner to attach the bed rails.


After considering all these factors and doing all these measurements, you can choose a tonneau cover you like. Just keep in mind that there are various qualities and types of tonneau covers available in the market. The most expensive one might not be the right choice for your needs. You should choose one according to your needs and budget.

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