Will A Tonneau Cover From A Dodge Fit A Ford

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Last Updated on May 7, 2022

There are a variety of truck bed covers, but if measured with great care, a truck bed cover for one vehicle will fit others without any concerns. 

But this is not the same for all cases. Sometimes the design and the features are specific for a certain design, in that case having the same dimensions doesn’t matter.

It is even possible to stretch tonneau covers in some cases so they fit whichever truck they are designed for. But the question is, is there a universal tonneau cover that will fit most of the trucks? Well, you will have your answer soon. 

So you may wonder, “will a dodge tonneau cover fit a Ford?” and the straight answer is, No. And it is because these two models have differences in the

Taper ends.

Why Wouldn’t A Dodge Cover Fit A Ford?

Different reasons for design incompatibilities prevent a Dodge tonneau cover from being compatible with a Ford. 

Dodge truck bed covers have a taper at the tailgate end, whereas Fords don’t. The Dodge truck bed cover cannot fit into the Ford tonneau because of this difference in design. To put it simply, a Dodge cover won’t be perfect for a Ford.

Will A Tonneau Cover From A Dodge Fit A Ford

What Brand Of Tonneau Cover Does Ford Use?

Since Ford is known to be compatible with most brands, an F1 model tonneau cover can be used on a Ford. If the dimensions are accurate. Then, there are several tonneau covers available on the market that are Ford-compatible.

Here are a few examples of tonneau covers that are compatible with Ford

  •  Soft club truck bed tarp cover for long bed (8′ box) – for Ford F150 GMC
  • The Coverity truck bed covers the standard bed(6.5 boxes) for Ford F150, F250, F450 

Among the other tonneau covers,

  •  The Tuxedo Lo Pro Soft roll-up truck bed cover
  •  BAKFlip MX4 hard folding truck bed
  • Rugged liner E- series soft-folding tonneau cover,
  •  BAK revolver X4 hard rolling truck bed tonneau cover,
  •  Extant Encore hard folding truck bed,
  •  Lund Genesis TDI fold soft folding and the Max Liner A0246/B0246 

These are all perfect for Ford trucks.

Would a Tonneau Cover From 2009 Ford F150 Fit 1999 Dodge Ram Short Bed?

No, because these two models differ in their bed rails and the size of the bed rails determines the actual dimensions. But if you own  a 1999  Dodge Ram 6-1/2 footbed

Then the BAKFlip G2 part( Bak 2620) is recommended for you. but if you possess a newer model then the above recommendation is not applicable to you.

Can I Adjust A Tonneau Cover To Fit Any Truck?

A tonneau cover can be adjusted, through stretching or rope manipulation, depending on the vehicle, however, it is not always possible. It is important to know that some tonneau covers can be altered to fit certain vehicles. But the main condition for fitting a tonneau cover to another vehicle is to match the dimensions accurately. if you fail to do that, adjusting is not possible.


Tonneau truck covers deserve whatever attention they receive because of their practical uses and aesthetic appeal. Despite the fact that truck covers follow certain standards, there are still some that have very unique or unusual designs, and these unique designs make some tonneau covers only applicable for the trucks they are made for.

This is the case between the tonneau cover for a Dodge and a Ford. You cant interchange them even if you have the same dimensions. the tonneau cover for dodge is made with a very uncommon design which makes it unsuitable for other trucks like a Ford.

But again, this is not applicable to all the tonneau covers available in the market. There are many tonneau covers that can be used on a variety of vehicles with the proper measurements.

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